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Marijuana Seeds US Trending With Best Cannabis Genetics!


( 31, 2020)--When it comes to marijuana seed strains, the US cannabis industry has marveled everyone. According to recent surveys, marijuana seeds US are the most potent as well as enjoyable cannabis strains all over the world. After years of research, today the USA cannabis industry along with professional breeders has been successful in cultivating marijuana seed strains with ‘The Best’ genetics. 


You must be wondering about what these strains are and why are they so popular? 101growinglights is one of the leading marijuana growing light suppliers has searched and listed all 5 elite cannabis strains of the US weed industry. 

USA Top 5 Special Cannabis Seeds

The US cannabis industry has been generating billions of revenue per year because of it’s 5 best marijuana seed strains. One of the leading factors that make marijuana seeds the US popular among the masses is the extremely high TCH level of the seeds. One thing to remember is that the TCH content may vary from variety to variety. However 20% TCH is expected to be present in all varieties in good condition.


Here is our list of top 5 best Marijuana Seeds US:

  1. Meringue, Elite USA genetics, and Stunning Feel-good High!

A hybrid of wedding cake and animal cookies, this USA cannabis strain is rich in TCH. It gives a very strong yet enjoyable psychotic high and a relaxing body effect. Furthermore, the meringue bud is firm with a fruity, sweet scent. One of the significant features of this seed strain is that it is very easy to grow. It is the ideal choice for all home growers who wants a unique, potent, and easy to breed marijuana strain.

  1. Sugar Bomb Punch, Indica Dominant Marijuana Seeds With Easy Harvest!

As interesting as the name of this marijuana seed US, Sugar Bomb Punch comes with various exciting features as well. It is a hybrid of Critical Orange Punch and Bubba Island Kush - with frosty and feminized seeds. Its buds produce candy-sweet and fruity scents. This strain is very rich in TCH, easy to grow even for the new growers, gives a quick high and, helps the body to relax & rest. 

  1. HiFi 4G, USA Hybrid Strain Amplifying Music Enjoyment!

For music lovers, HiFi 4G hybrid strain is a gift from the US cannabis industry. This strain is a result of crossing Glueberry OG with WiFi OG and have very high levels of TCH. Due to its high level of TCH and some unique effects, HiFi is considered as one of the unusual marijuana strains. It gives a very enjoyable high with relaxing body sensations. Not only this, but HiFi 4G also amplifies the music or any other sound. In short, this strain is a ticket to Euphoria!

  1. Kerosene Krash, Fine Quality Potent Marijuana Seeds US!

Kerosene Krash is a fine quality, potent yet very easy to grow marijuana strain. Even the beginners' home growers can easily cultivate this strain. Just like other strains of marijuana seeds in the US, this strain is also very rich in tCH levels. It shares genetics with Gorilla Glue 4 crossed with Sherbet strain. It has a very earthy, spicy scent and gives a moderate but enjoyable high.

  1. Auto Lemon Kix, With a Powerful High & Sweet Candy Scent!

Auto Lemon Kix is an auto-flowering marijuana seed strain that can be easily grown indoors. The levels of TCH are extraordinarily high in this strain. It produces a very strong high. It is very easy to grow and produces heavy yields.