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Judicial Watch Sues for Biden's Senate Records

WASHINGTON DC--“Let’s say he [Biden] wins this November… that means decades will pass before we can see these documents,” said Tom Fitton, head of Judicial Watch in last week’s Weekly Update regarding the lawsuit for the ex-VP’s records.

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Judicial Watch is “in court right now in Delaware to find out the full truth about Biden’s record as US senator,” Fitton states. Judicial Watch first requested the documents through an April 30, 2020 FOIA request, but was met with resistance from the University of Delaware, where the ex-senator’s records are held. The state university stated that “it will not release the records until two years after Biden has retired from public life.” The university’s position, not only in defiance of it’s obligations under FOIA, means that “if Biden wins this November… it could mean decades would pass before we can see these documents.”

In response, Judicial Watch has sued the university for the documents, which in Fitton’s words “should be disclosed to the American people.” From Tara Reed’s allegations of sexual harassment, to his discussions with Putin while in the senate, there are “a number of controversies surrounding the ex-VP” which could be better understood, and potentially verified by this investigation. “Maybe he’s innocent,” Fitton continues – “but if so, why are they hiding his records?” 

“We can’t let politics get in the way of the rule of law,” Fitton explains. Judicial Watch, is “once again doing the basic heavy lifting for government accountability.”