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( 30, 2020)--An Italian American man who lives somewhere in the  Summit and New Providence area blasts those young white thugs and imbeciles who have been destroying Christopher Columbus statues and other monuments across the United States in recent months.

The man, who doesn't identify himself, makes some valid points and gives a speech straight from his heart.

(Paraphase)"What you little bastards and assholes don't understand is the people who that statue (s) represents were discriminated against just like every  other minority but they didn't cry, complain or protest like you. They fought and died for this country. I don't care about Christopher Columbus but I do care about the people who that statue represents who  fought and died for this country. You didn't knock down Christopher Columbus you knocked down a lot of guys who I knew all my life, guys who were like dads and brothers to me. I don't blame you as much as I blame your parents."