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Brigid Harrison’s Pre-Primary FEC Report Proves What She Has Been Denying:

SHE is the Chosen Candidate of the South Jersey Machine


Brigantine, NJ – Today, General Majority PAC, George Norcross’s PAC, once again spent money on visceral, personal attacks against Amy Kennedy on NEW JERSEY POLITICS 2behalf of Brigid Harrison.  The superPAC has now spent more than $400,000 on TV ads and $32,000 on mail.  Last week, Brigid Harrison filed her pre-primary FEC report showing that a significant amount of her money came from known associates and friends of George Norcross. 

Josh Roesch, campaign manager, Amy Kennedy for Congress made the following statement: 

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, or even a political scientist, to understand that the donors and expenses listed in Brigid Harrison’s pre-primary FEC report, in combination with the fact that General Majority PAC just spent more than $430K on Brigid’s behalf, proves once and for all that she is the anointed and chosen candidate of the South Jersey political machine. The same power brokers and political machine that brought us Jeff Van Drew, have attempted to rig this election for Brigid from the beginning, and are now coming in full force to try and save her losing campaign.  But we know that despite all of their attempts to rig the primary and in spite of all of their efforts to buy this election, the people of South Jersey are sick and tired of leaders that are only interested in serving themselves.  Amy Kennedy is committed to bringing meaningful change to South Jersey and she will never pledge her undying support to anyone other than the people she is elected to represent.” 

A significant amount of the money Brigid raised in the second quarter came from known associates, allies, and friends of George Norcross.  Those donations include: 


  • Phillip Norcross who is George Norcross’s lobbyist brother gave Brigid $1,000;

  • The campaign committee of William Spearman, described as a “an ally of South Jersey Power Broke George Norcross” by the Star Ledger contributed $1,000; 

  • The campaign committee of Jim Beach, Chair of the Camden County Democratic Party, which was described as “a machine unofficially led by political power broker George E Norcross III” by the Philly Inquirer, contributed $500; 

  • The campaign committee of Louis Greenwald, who was described by the NJ Globe as having “close ties to George Norcross” contributed $1,000;  

  • Herbert Conaway, who accepted more than $11,000 in campaign funding from a Norcross-aligned organization, according to NJ Spotlight – gave Brigid $1,000; 

  • Brown & Connery LLP, a law firm whose partner William Tambussi (Donald Trump’s personal lawyer) has represented George Norcross, according to – contributed $2,800; 

  • Dennis Culnan, who the Press of Atlantic City described as a “son of a Norcross political operative” who had “ties to Camden County Democrats and the area’s Democratic power broker, George Norcross III” donated $1,000; and

  • James Maley, who was the Mayor of Collingswood when Philadelphia Magazine wrote that “Norcross holds unshakable influence over offices from the mayor of Collingswood to the Camden County freeholders to the state senate” donated $2,800. 


Even further evidence that Brigid Harrison is the machine candidate can be found in the list of Norcross-aligned people and organizations who her campaign has paid this quarter, including: 


  • Muller Public Strategies, the consulting firm of top Norcross lieutenant Mike Muller;

  • Checkmate Advisors which is run by Steve Ayscue and in the past has been paid tens of thousands of dollars by General Majority PAC for opposition research; and

  • Kennedy Communications, a DC-based mail firm which has been a go-to mail firm for the General Majority PAC in the past.