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Features of Drupal 8 for Your Online Store


( 31, 2020)--Online presence is a must for any business regardless of its revenue source. Drupal 8 is a powerful content management system with incredible versatility. Along with the powerful core, you will be able to extend the website by installing different modules for your product to profitably stand out from others. With Drupal 8, companies attract new buyers and boost their bottom line.

Drupal is known as forward-thinking architecture for a reason. Progressive retailers take advantage of Drupal 8 commerce solutions and see their traffic grow. This CMS is incredibly scalable, and content adjustment is a piece of cake. There are many reasons to choose Drupal — here are the top four. 


  1. Faster Development

When companies choose their CMS, they can opt for exiting or unique solutions. Some businesses prefer to create their systems from content management from scratch. If you are looking for the best value for money that delivers quick results, Drupal is your best bet. It reduces the time spent on development and brings lasting benefits.

  1. Impressive Flexibility

The Drupal tool board has a convenient interface that enables a content manager to easily work with content. With basic knowledge of HTML or Bootstrap, users can create their own unique content. Besides, due to the versatility of modules to control blocks make it possible to change the webpage layout without the necessity to involve software engineers. In this way, one can work on the improvement of the brand.

Drupal is a powerful combo of core and adjustable modules. The sheer number of extra elements is spectacular. To date, there are 43,000+ community-contributed modules! This means the range of possible configurations is endless!

  1. Affordability

Creating a CMS from scratch is expensive and labor-intensive. Drupal is an open-source platform that can be used without any keys or licenses. This considerably decreases expenses for site development and maintenance. 

“Being in trend” is about Drupal. If your business requires non-standard solutions or functions, the team of developers is always able to work out a unique and profitable module that is customized to your individual needs. 

  1. Meet Several Goals Simultaneously

Many CMS solutions are limited in use. Drupal is incredibly versatile. It is a comprehensive solution that works for all sorts of websites. From social networks to online retail to media galleries, any content is supported. Moreover, as it is powerful enough to facilitate growing traffic, there is little sense in paying for a costly system.


Impressive Ready-made Solution 

Investing in unique CMS is possible, but not always cost-effective. Drupal 8 is an effective solution that is also easily adjustable. Even giant corporations like Tesla and NASA recognize the benefits of this technology. Drupal is a product of collaborative effort. Millions of specialists across the world contribute to its enhancement. Instead of paying for development from scratch, companies use an affordable solution that satisfies all their needs.