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CNBNews June 2020 CHEERS & JEERS


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews Editor


JEER-Why can't employees from the Gloucester City water department maintain the hanging flower baskets on Monmouth St.? Where is the Pride? Was it the Virus that killed these plants or was it uncaring City Officials and workers! Driving through neighboring towns I see they are not having this problem. Their flowers are well kept. Thanks for my new tax bill which has increased $300 ! Why does this city always come in last place in areas where they should be first?

CHEER-Gloucester City School Superintendent Dr. Dennis Vespe,  High School Principal Sean Gorman, and staff for holding virtual graduation events for the senior class of 2020. Lawn Signs, senior luncheon meals delivered, and virtual graduation on the field so parents could attend at a time slot for pictures. The actual graduation will be July 24.

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JEER- NJ approved a plan to borrow nearly $10 billion to address a massive budget shortfall. Republicans have warned that this could lead to an increase in property taxes or a wealth tax, while Gov. Phil Murphy has said that if the state does not borrow, he would "have no choice but to raise property taxes," according to  However, Murphy, like most politicians speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He told another newspaper, the Washington Post, that taxes could still go up, as the state will likely need "revenue raisers" and "everything is on the table."

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CHEER-So many good people volunteer their time feeding the elderly, the homeless, and children. Thank you for all you do!


JEER-Some truck drivers are so inconsiderate of others. Specifically, those who park their trucks all over town and leave the engines running so they can sleep in the air conditioning truck cab on company time!


CHEER-Thank you to those individuals who wear a mask to help contain COVID-19.


JEER-Why hasn't there been a sound wall erected between the Mill Block homes and Holt Terminal. Go sit on Ellis Street which separates those properties from the terminal and you will hear the constant noise coming from Holt's 24/7.


CHEER—Mike Sill of Riverpark Pub for his 17 weeks of supplying meals to the elderly and those in need in Gloucester City since the beginning of the pandemic.


JEER-The left-wing media and left-wing politicians are calling for the defunding of police at a time when cities are being looted and burned by Marxist and Progressive anarchists. Ironically those same individuals surround themselves with security guards, that in some cases are paid for by the taxpayer. Take away their private security and the first people they would call for if they needed help would be the police. 

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CHEER- Because of COVID-19, the graduation class of 2020 had to deal with "social distancing".  As such they missed out on the traditional graduation experience. The graduates handled it with dignity and waited patiently for events to be planned. Awesome job graduates!


JEER—To local politicians who spend taxpayer money foolishly on un-researched projects that fell flat into an abyss of total loss without a thought for the impact it would have on those taxpayers. There is no excuse for this type of miserable failure. New Jersey citizens should NOT be an open purse for the politicians. 


CHEER—To the police officers on the front lines protecting us all despite being maligned and criticized by the far Left politicians and media.


JEER- Politicians who defend "sanctuary states" and provide a haven for criminals, while disarming law-abiding gun-owning citizens who become a "feeding ground" for gang members, thugs, and criminals. They fail to acknowledge statistics proving that States who allow citizens to be legally armed have a lower crime rate and fewer victims. 


CHEER-Thankful for people who are not offended by every blessed thing. For people who still recognize that having differing opinions and remaining friends is what being an American is all about. For people still willing to stand up and be counted upon to do the right thing. 


JEER - In 2006 I purchased a home in Meadowbrook Run. I, along with other residents are upset because the walking path and gazebo we were promised were never built. Instead, we have an overgrown mess with a trash-strewn about and algae-filled retention pond. We were also promised FIOS cable service. Drivers, cutting through the development, use Springdale Drive as a race track.  We have complained to the police but nothing is done. We also complained to the Housing office about the people who added additions to their homes without building permits. Likewise, we notified that same office about the many trees that are overgrown blocking the sidewalk. Let's just hope the new River Pointe is an asset and not another detriment to the City.


CHEER-Residents of Brooklawn and Gloucester City who adopted a GHS 2020 graduate and provided each with gifts even to seniors they did not know.


JEER-At a recent outdoor party at Kelly’s Ballroom people were sitting to close, no social distancing, and no one wearing face masks. How is it some places are cited for these offenses yet others are given a pass?


CHEER- Gloucester City Swim Club for implementing the changes needed to open and providing the community a family-friendly outdoor destination.

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JEER-Who in their right mind would burn down their community to protest what they feel is a  miscarriage of justice. Sadly, some people living in the communities of major inner cities still feel the only way to change things is to burn and loot the very businesses that have provided them food, appliances, medicine, sporting goods, etc. The first time we witnessed this was in 1967 during the Newark riots. To this day it is very hard to understand the rationale of these unruly people. 

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CHEER-Gloucester City Little League for opening the season giving the kids true boys of summer experience during these trying times.


CHEER-Express Super Market in town always having a quality selection of fresh meats and deli options. 


CHEER - Salons and Barbershops in town reopening and welcoming everyone back so we don't have to look like we've been lost in the woods for the last 4 months anymore. 


CHEER- All the restaurants in Gloucester City providing seamless take-out dining options for us to enjoy as well as the recent Grand Opening of Gloucester Kitchen - 738 Market St., offering Indian style dishes and taking the plunge by opening while many other places are having to close their doors. 


CHEER-The Gloucester City Street Department does a great job keeping the area on the streets near the curbs clean. Keep up the good work.


CHEER—Dave Light of Green Light Driving School for sponsoring a Girls High Mini School Softball Tourney along with Megan (Light) Mason. In doing so they gave all players and Seniors one more chance to play.


CHEER- Gloucester Catholic baseball players and parents did a fabulous job getting the Joe Barth Field prepared for Last Dance Tourney.


CHEER-Thank to the Brooklawn School District surveyed the parents of all their students regarding the changes to be made for social distancing when the school reopens in September.


JEER-So disappointed in the Gloucester City School District for not allowing the parents of students the opportunity to weigh in on their plans for the opening school in September.


CHEER-In this video Shaquille O'Neal along with members of the Gainesville, Florida  police department play a game of basketball with some local kids. Can you imagine how excited the kids were when they saw Shaquille come out of that black SUV? The police arranged his visit.

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