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CBD and COVID-19 - The Truth and the Lies

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( 29, 2020)--Since December 19, news of the new coronavirus is almost everywhere, making it impossible for people to escape any further updates. It seemed to be a mysterious illness in Wuhan, China, but the flu (COVID-19) reported around 80,000 infected people of the coronavirus, more than 50% of them in China. 

The coronavirus cases are critical, with many reports of infection rates and deaths. Daily news on world economies and businesses are being reported daily. People under 50 years old are less likely to become infected with the coronavirus, yet it depends on your health condition. Many claims run on the internet that cannabis could cure COVID-19.

With all the crises around coronavirus, how it appeared, how much affect the economy, and how it could be treated, it can be challenging to separate the truth from the lies. Here is some information about COVID-19 and how CBD may help it, or not, to protect you from infection.

How COVID-19 Spread Around the World?

It all begins in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Chinese officials alerted The World Health Organization that there were many pneumonia-cases, but not knowing where it started. After a short while, the US Centers for Disease Control discovered a seafood market in Wuhan doubted to be the reason for the outbreak. On January 7, China announced its first death from the disease caused by the new coronavirus. 

On January 13, The World Health Organization identified a case in Thailand, outside China. After that, it was followed by Japan, South Korea, and the USA. On January 22, China jumped to 17 deaths, with more than 550 infections. North Korea closed its borders for tourists, and many airports in Wuhan started to set up checks on flights. The next day, China officially placed Wuhan under quarantine. Flights, buses, ferries, trains, and subways were also suspended. 

At that time, the outbreak didn’t constitute a public emergency, and there was no evidence of human transmission outside China. It wasn’t a global emergency yet, but it might become one. Indeed, it happened shortly after. France confirmed its two first cases of COVID-19; in Canada, a man who traveled from Wuhan, China, tested positive for the coronavirus. Many more countries started to confirm its first cases, as the virus began to spread around the world. 

On January 30, The World Health Organization announced the outbreak as a global health emergency, with more than 9,000 cases confirmed worldwide, plus 18 countries besides China. After three more days, on February 3, China announced 57 new deaths, with a total of 361. Meanwhile, the Worldometer website, which shows statistics on new cases in coronavirus affected countries, reported that the number of new cases of COVID-19 infection worldwide had reached 169,652. According to the site, 6,518 people died because of COVID-19, and 77,776 patients were cured. 

Is COVID-19 Affecting the CBD Industry?

Coronavirus outbreak became a concern for the economy, but also most industries and businesses. Claims about CBD curing COVID-19 spread like fire, but is it real, though? While the virus continues to spread, all kinds of industries and businesses are experiencing delays and cancellations of their orders. Some of the producers of the devices needed for CBD vapes closed their locations. It brings a negative impact on suppliers all over the world.

Most events are now canceled because many countries, including Italy and China, have their gates closed for tourists. The COVID-19 significantly affects most of the industries, yet this can recover if the pandemic will soon end.

Build a Robust Immune System

For building a robust immune system, some simple steps must be followed carefully. Aside from getting enough sleep at night, follow a healthy diet routine, and exercise regularly, it’s essential to take supplements that can help with keeping the viruses away. CBD oils are a great way to support and maintain your immune system at high levels.

Also, people with insomnia may use this supplement, as organic CBD nugs work perfectly in relaxing and calming yourself and provide you with better sleep at night. Also, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, so it also improves lung functions, which makes it an excellent treatment for inflammatory lung diseases. Medical marijuana becomes a powerful treatment for many illnesses, including reducing inflammation, improving sleep, supporting the immune system, reduce pain, and so on. However, when it comes to pulmonary diseases, make sure you avoid vaping cannabis hemp plant, but you can research any other CBD products, as an alternative to vaping. 

Can Coronavirus Be Treated?

Is there any cure for COVID-19? First, let’s understand what coronavirus is: it’s the scientific name for a collection of viruses that produce cold-like symptoms. So, humans are now infected with a virus called COVID-19. Most people are looking forward to seeing if there’s any cure for the coronavirus. 

For the moment, there is no real cure for the virus, although scientists are trying to work on a vaccine for COVID-19. However, there’s a lot of information on how people can protect their immunity with high quantities of Vitamin C or other natural supplements that can increase their immune system levels. It’s significantly essential to mention that the dosage must be determined for patients depending on their weight.

CBD may work or may not, for treating the infectious disease, but it can surely help you build a robust immune system. One of the best ways to make sure you prevent the spread of the virus is to frequently wash your hands, and avoid touching your face, mouth, or nose. Covering your nose and mouth while sneezing is essential, and say no to shaking hands with others. At this point, any physical contact must be avoided.

Some people may find it helpful using CBD, while some may not. It strictly depends on what condition you’re suffering from. Although CBD may have promising results, it’s essential to get advice from your doctor, as medical marijuana can be a dilemma for most people.


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