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Camden County Democratic Committee Doesn't Like Sue Altman;

It increasingly seems that everywhere Sue Altman goes, election fraud is sure to follow.
Late last night, news broke that Altman's partner in Amy Kennedy's campaign for New Jersey's Second Congressional District, Craig Callaway, was caught voting someone else's ballot just days before the primary. Callaway, a convicted felon who did stints in both state and federal prison for bribery and blackmail, is currently being sued by a Pleasantville school board candidate for allegedly obtaining hundreds of mail-in votes for her opponents.

This latest revelation comes as Altman and her allies are under multiple law enforcement investigations for their role in changing petitions after their submission -- and then deleting the evidence -- in this spring's primaries. Altman, who runs a dark money political action group while promoting herself as a reformer, backed out of telling the truth under oath when it became clear she'd be asked about her role in the fraud.

This year's primaries weren't the first time the longtime Republican Altman has been connected to election fraud. In 2019, Altman’s freeholder candidates were disqualified from the ballot due to fraudulent petition signatures after an investigation by the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office concluded there were multiple duplicative signatures signed by one of the candidates, who had a prior criminal record.


Altman has a well-earned reputation as a liar -- she even lies about her voting record despite the government records being public. With this latest revelation, her reputation as someone who is regularly connected to election fraud continues to grow.

We'll be talking more about Altman being the face of election fraud in New Jersey in the coming weeks.