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Better Then the Alternative

by Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor

As one grows older, one experiences things that normally don’t happen to those in Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 14.30.57their

twenties and thereabouts.

But a message to young  people – – Just Wait!

The following is on the horizon for you, and already here for me.

… Friends I’ve made in elementary school, high school, boy scouts & back-of-house

driveway areas are sometimes recognizable.  Not always.

… So many of my  older acquaintances are using canes, or, uh-oh, walkers.

… One of the first sections I read in the daily newspapers are – – the obituary and

death notice sections (“Please. Please.  Have no one  I know be there”).

… People  from my distant past, who might  not have been  friendly, now are quite friendly.

(We have something in common:  Survival!)

… I recognize I’m living in an IT world, where everyone has an IPhone, GPS and Google

for information.  Yes, I can’t give up reading newspapers – – from cover to cover.

… The one custom-made, expensive suit I purchased at least 25 years ago for “special

occasions” has never been worn.  Never.  And now it’s too large to wear.

… I read all the ads for hearing aids, diabetes control, nerve damage to the feet – – and

pay attention to the TV ads offering solutions to the aforementioned.

… Should you get a later model car then the one you have been driving for many years,

it comes with new gadgets, services, devices – – that never get used (because you don’t know how).

But you pay for them!

… You are now called “Mr.”  – –  if you’re called at all.

… When you receive invitations to after-dark events – – you just don’t go.

… The worst part of your day is – – exercising. UGH.

…. You might stop shaving every day.

… Your barber gives you a discount, not because you have less hair to cut (thought there is much

less) but because you are a senior citizen

… There are possessions rarely used, and maybe never will be used, that should be thrown

out – – but you can’t get yourself to do so.

… Your appetite goes down – – but not your stomach.

…  Your new friends are your eye doctor, dentist, family physician, podiatrist, audiologist and

dermatologist.   Yes, you  will like Medicare.

… When driving, especially at night, you can’t read the street signs.

… Question?  When did the cost of everything get so high?

… And now it’s inevitable that when you drop a coin, pen, pill (pills become part of your daily

routine)  they find a hiding place.

… When you can’t find your glasses;  look on top of your head.

But, with all of the above, life is good . . .  And much better than the alternative.

First published June 10, 2016/ ACT BLOG


Joe Ball, Philadelphia-area publisher, advertising agency owner and radio show producer, has been named chairman of the U.S. International Film & Video Festival judges committee in the Business-to-Business category. The subject materials are videos submitted by businesses, production firms and advertising agencies from throughout the U.S. and internationally. Ball continues to lead American Advertising Services, 29 Bala Ave., Ste. 117, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004, a firm he founded 55 years ago.

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