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Ambrosino Cleans House, Disavows A Now-Former GOP Club President


Barrington GOP is rebuilding with excellent candidates

HADDON HEIGHTS – Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino today asked county Republicans to ignore a Facebook page using the name “Barrington NJ Republicans OFFICIAL.”

“Admittedly we accepted someone without first vetting him. It’s a mistake we will not make again,” Rich Ambrosino said. “Since becoming chairman I’ve said on multiple occasions that we better do a good job policing ourselves, generally speaking we’ve done a good job doing so. Only a year ago we disavowed a freeholder candidate and now must do the same with Nick Peronace.”

Ambrosino continued, “Unfortunately, it came to our attention Peronace, who still claims to be the president of the Barrington Republican Club, has a history of posting homophobic and racist statements online. There is also at least one YouTube video of him making a harassing phone call to a woman. None of this will be tolerated!

“My intention is not to embarrass Peronace, but I’ve complained about the lack of transparency from the county Democrats in dealing with those they’ve taken actions against. Not denouncing and disavowing Peronace publicly would be hypocritical.”

“The Barrington GOP is rebuilding, without Peronace.” Ambrosino said, “We have excellent candidates running write-in campaigns to ensure voters have a choice in Barrington come November. The candidates include Steve Teti running for the unexpired term. Some will remember Teti’s father served on council. Former two-term councilman Bob DelVecchio, who left the Democrats after they gave him grief for voting against their tax increases, is now a Republican running for a full-term with Shannon Kelly. All three are well-known, active and respected members of the community and I refuse to let a guy like Peronace bring them down.”