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Working Families: Judge Dismisses Norcross Political Machine’s Attempt to Stop Progressive candidates

MERCER COUNTY NJ-June 17, 2020, Declaring that these types of cases “could chill access to the courts,” Mercer County Assignment Judge May C. Jacobson rejected an attempt by the George

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Sue Altman (source Twitter)

Norcross-controlled South Jersey political machine to force progressives to pay six-figure attorney costs in election litigation.

New Jersey Working Families State Director Sue Altman released the following statement in response to Judge Jacobson’s ruling:

Today’s ruling is a resounding victory for ordinary citizens who, for too long, have been shut out of local politics by George Norcross’ political machine and its heavy-handed tactics.

Norcross’ political allies, including his personal attorney Bill Tambussi (previously Donald Trump’s attorney) went into today’s hearing trying to send a message that anyone daring to run against the machine could be liable for six-figure damages.

New Jersey Working Families and our allies refuse to be intimidated by these tactics. This extraordinary effort led by Tambussi and his colleagues to seek revenge against those daring to run for office was advanced by lawyers and paid for by South Jersey taxpayers and designed to chill political activity. But we will not back down — not today, not ever.

Judge Jacobson’s decision sends a message that these types of tactics won’t hold up in court. In fact, these proceedings will undoubtedly inspire more candidates to run for office, so that we can, once and for all, ensure there is opportunity for anyone seeking to get involved in the political process in South Jersey. It’s a tragedy we even need to state this as an aspiration, but it is clear times are changing in New Jersey and today was a win for democracy and the progressive movement.