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Uncontested Divorces in Oklahoma - How to File for Divorce the Easy Way


( 4, 2020)--Divorces are never easy – and one of the biggest problems is that when you get kids involved or a spouse who’s not wanting a divorce, these can cause a lot of heartache and psychological issues. Divorces can be extremely messy in Oklahoma if you don’t get an uncontested one – from custody battles, property battles, child support, and so much more. There is a lot of paperwork involved, even if the divorce isn’t contested, so it’s best to hire a good mediating service to handle this, as it can reduce your divorce cost ten-fold. We’re going to tell you how to file for divorce the easy way in Oklahoma with an uncontested divorce.

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  1. You Need to Start with a Petition

The first thing is to fill out a petition for the dissolution of your marriage. This document is made solely to notify the courts that you want to file for a divorce. This is the most important step, because, without this, you can’t even file for one, or submit additional documentation. You need to then take your form once it’s filled out, and then get it notarized by a Public Notary. You also need to have an Affidavit filled out and have that notarized to

  1. The Notarized Petition Goes to the Proper Court Clerk

Once you get your notarized document, you get to make copies of it. This goes to your county clerk, but ultimately, the judge and the necessary representatives will all get a copy. You’re more than welcome to make more copies, but it’s important to have at least three copies made – all three copies have to be taken to the Court Clerk in whatever county you live in. This is where you can also tell the courts that you are filing for a divorce.

  1. You Can’t Just Take Your Papers to Get Signed Immediately

Once that’s all done, some people think they can go right away and deliver the divorce papers to their spouse (the movies definitely don’t help). The truth is, in Oklahoma, you have to wait at least 24 hours before you can take the documents to your soon-to-be ex-spouse. If you don’t wait out the whole 24-hour period, then your document will be voided out and you will have to have your spouse sign it again and get it re-notarized.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 9.6.45Along with waiting, this is where you will have your documents that need signing. If you have no children, you can have your spouse sign a waiver of appearance and your divorce decree – this makes it so that all you have to do is be the one present at the court case.

  1. Go to Your Court Date and Finalize

Once this is done, you can go to the court, and your divorce will be finalized. This is called an uncontested divorce because your spouse will have waived the right to be there and agree with you, which will get your divorce finalized the very next day!


Despite the fact people think that their divorce can be finalized in a matter of days, it may take time before the court system can handle your case even with uncontested divorces in Oklahoma. This is something that people need to understand – what’s important, is that you have a good uncontested divorce mediator service to provide the documents you need, and be there to help ensure that you get the best-uncontested divorce possible.


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