Mary K. Savidge (nee Conboy) of Gloucester City, formerly of National Park
Severe Storms in South Jersey, Gloucester Township PD Urges Public to Stay Inside


Gloucester Township Police Crime Prevention Tip: 


The Crime Triangle consists of three elements: desire, ability, opportunity. All three elements must be present in order for a crime to be successful. Lucky for us, we all have the ability to easily control one of the elements: OPPORTUNITY.

ELIMINATING THE OPPORTUNITY is simple: Lock the doors on your home, vehicles, sheds, and garages. Keep valuables in a secure area and/ or out of view. Turn on outdoor lighting at night at your home or business. Activate alarms systems and verify your cameras are in proper working order (CCTV, Nest, Ring, Blink, etc). Pay attention to your surroundings and environment while out in public, and don’t look at your phone while walking. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash, and pay with a credit card whenever possible. Close your handbag and don’t leave it unattended while shopping.

Don’t become a victim, help us help you by preventing crime by removing the opportunity and staying safe! Anyone who would like a security survey, or to join a Neighborhood Watch Group should contact the Gloucester Township Police Department's Community Relations Bureau at 856-228-4011 or email

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