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Sinfully Sweets: Order Your Father's Day Present or Graduation Gifts

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Owner Judy Dietz, Gloucester  City  born and raised, is thrilled to introduce Sinfully Sweets, the gourmet treat boutique that is sprinkling sweetness into the community.
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We are conveniently located on the White Horse Pike in Atco (Town Plaza), we offer custom creations to satisfy every sweet tooth. From hand-dipped chocolates to unique candy gifts and dessert buffets for private and corporate events, Manager Carla Guerreiro swirls creativity into every delicious detail. Our custom party favors help make any special occasion memorable.
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Curbside pickup for now but watch for reopening soon!! 
Visit Sinfully Sweets TODAY for DADS AND GRADS GIFTS
Treat yourself to one of our charming confections!

Call 856-210-6102 

Pickup times are on Saturday morning

from 10:00 am - noon. 



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