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Living As A Senior


by Joe Ball | CNBNews Contributor

When you’re 88 years of age, life can be boring.

It can consist of …

… Sleeping late in the morning

… Having the same get-up routines (early to the bathroom for the everyday AM brushing of teeth, showering, swallowing pills, taking the daily sugar blood count, checking the I-Phone for weather info, making a decision on what to wear for the day.)

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… Double-checking to see if any medical appointments.

… Watching TV. Especially CNN, CNBC occasionally, Fox, (less occasionally) the “History

Channel”, “National Geographic” and, hoping there is an afternoon sports event, or unseen movie.

… Meals sometimes in front of the TV.

… Naps

… Reading the ads from senior living accommodations

… Clipping the senior citizen discounts. For transportation … food … movies …

… Reading the ads & mailings from senior citizen retirement communities … assisted living facilities … nursing homes

… Early-to-bed, with a newspaper, (check the obituaries), magazine or book.

… Hoping, before “lights out”, that the bladder calls will be few, and the hours slept

will be enough.

… Laments:

… Loss of driving privileges, and with that loss of independence.

… Loss of “having something to do” … “ Being out of the loop”.

… Loss of friends, acquaintances, from years of contacts, brings empty moments.

… Days, weeks, seasons go too fast. I would like to hang on to the time.


Have a sense of humor. Poke fun at yourself.


Occasionally, I’m told: “You look good!”

I accept the compliment, adding, “From the waist up!” Then I follow up with a “Let me tell you about the health providers now in my life”.

I start at my head, and go to my toes.

“ They include, I say

“An audiologist to service my hearing aid, which is now eight years old. (Confession: It needs an update. Some words come to my ear & brain that are NOT what has been spoken. Makes me say some things in replay that do not pertain.

“… An eye surgeon. He greets me with an eye injection every 4 weeks. It’s to contain some fluid behind the retina.

(Ever had an injection into your eye. Your eye!)

“… My dentist . He is about 82 years old, and still participates in senior semi-marathons.

He tells me my teeth will last longer than me.

“… A cardiologist. He sees me every six months or so, with occasional appointments when I get  anxiety, or shortness of breath worries, that so far haven’t amounted to anything serious.

“… A hernia guy. He told me to “live with it.” While it will never heal, “don’t worry unless you get pain,” he says. So, no pain. No worry. To date.

“… Urologist: I have a son, a Harvard-trained urologist, top of the line reputation. He provides a huge source of aide to me, always interested in my welfare.

“… Neuropathy, from diabetes, is a major problem. It has affected my feet, so that for balance, I have to use a walker. I’m told – – by a former physical therapist, that the neuropathy will never get better.

I do exercises at home every day and make an effort to walk during the day. The good: I don’t go to physical therapy. I’m on my own. Saves time, & money.

… A general practitioner. She watches my diabetes (Oh, I didn’t mention I’m type 2, and have been for almost 30 years). I also get my preventative shots, flu, scabies, from her.)

… A podiatrist. He sees me at least two times a year, constantly reminding me to take care of my toes and feet. Also I get one free pair of diabetic shoes from the U.S. Government.

… Lab technicians. I see them every 4-6 weeks for blood tests. They know

my arm veins better than I.


… First appointments to health-related offices can mean more time filling out numerous forms then the actual consultation.

… And, in waiting the selection of magazines to read is limited to uninteresting publications that arrive to the reception room – – for free.

… And I have an aide; a home health care worker, who visits Monday to Friday in the

AM to protect me going up / down steps, also from falling in the shower, driving me to my office, and generally being in my company to help for needs now beyond 100% control.

… When thoughts turn negative, I remind myself of three words my dad taught me when I opened my own business at the age of 26.

They were: Persevere … Persevere … Persevere.

Bonus: I’m so fortunate on the following …

My very best support team is my wife of 60 years, plus three fantastic human beings, my two daughters, Yelane & Nan, who live nearby and my son, Dr. Robert Ball.

With all the aforementioned, the big picture is .

I’m Here!

I like it Here.

First  published on  October 30, 2018.

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Joe Ball, Philadelphia-area publisher, advertising agency owner and radio show producer, has been named chairman of the U.S. International Film & Video Festival judges committee in the Business-to-Business category. The subject materials are videos submitted by businesses, production firms and advertising agencies from throughout the U.S. and internationally. Ball continues to lead American Advertising Services, 29 Bala Ave., Ste. 117, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004, a firm he founded 55 years ago.

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