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( 30, 2020)--Every country is unique in terms of age restrictions in the gambling industry. The main condition to visit a casino and play games for money is usually reaching the adult age according to the laws of a certain country. Therefore, a young man or woman living in Spain should be at least 18 years old to be eligible, while neighboring Belgium sets the restrictions on people under 21 years old to play in casinos. So, what age should you be to visit a casino in your country?

Online VS Real Casino: Is There Any Difference?

First of all, you should know that there is no difference between these two casinos in terms of age restrictions. Those people who have not yet reached the eligible age do not have any right to gamble in any casino, including virtual ones.

When we talk about online casinos, people usually think that there is no such rule or that it can be easily violated. After all, security can’t see the face of the person playing or that person who is authorized on the site. Nevertheless, the virtual casino has its own strict rules that prevent anyone who has not reached the age of majority from being able to play. Finally, if you have reached the proper age, you can choose any platform on Casino Gameco and try your chances to win.

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National Restrictions

For various casino games, the legal age is determined by a special jurisdiction under which the establishment is registered. In most cases, it is 18, but there are casinos in which a person should be 21-23 years old. The situation is also different in various states of the USA, Australia, or in the Federal lands of Germany. So, according to the local legislation, 18 y. o. residents can play casino games in the following US states:

  • Alaska;
  • Colombia;
  • Oregon;
  • Pennsylvania;
  • Rhode Island;
  • Washington;
  • Minnesota;
  • Montana;
  • New York;
  • Virginia;
  • Tennessee;
  • Vermont.

In most other states, the legal age is 21, however, there are also lands where gambling is prohibited at all (Utah, Hawaii). 

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In Canada, there is also a unique approach to eligibility:

  • In New Scotland, people under 20 are not allowed to participate in gambling;
  • In Ontario, the limit is 19;
  • In British Columbia, entrance to the casino is allowed for guests over 19 years old;
  • In Quebec, residents of 18 years old are already allowed in the casino.

Here are some other states, where you are free to gamble at the age of 18: Argentina, Panama, SAR, Hungary, Estonia, Spain, Great Britain, France, Russia, Finland, and many other states.

In Conclusion

Gambling in casinos is available only to those who have reached a certain age. Those gamblers who try to play while hiding their age should always be ready to take responsibility for such actions and at the same time lose their winnings if they are found to be fraudulent. So, check the age restrictions carefully and keep your winnings safe.