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( 4, 2020)--Since the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), the world has experienced a vast number of disruptions across several of its sectors. Industries, including manufacturing, marketing, education, and advertising, have implemented the use of AI over the last few years. Also, the health industry is not left out of the picture as a lot of advances have been made on healthcare through the use of AI. 

“Education is a crucial part of everyone's life”, says Neil Davies, a career expert from Craft Resumes. With the special optimization of resources offered by AI, schools can provide students with a more advanced and efficient academic experience. 

Upcoming AI Trends For Education Systems

Education, as a crucial part of every nation, is now being targeted by one of the world's most rapidly growing innovation. From the growth of AI in our world today, it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Rather, technology has made changes to several platforms. Below, we will look into some of the upcoming AI trends for education systems. Here's the deal: 

  1. Handling of administrative tasks 

Handling administrative tasks today can be a tough job to perform. If you are someone who has dealt with such tasks you would understand the kind of effort it takes to keep things well-organized. 

Through the use of artificial intelligence, the administrative tasks in educational institutions can be organized more efficiently. This could enhance the time spent working on such tasks to be shorter, and also the effort needed to complete them to be lesser. To help you get better insights on what this has to offer to education as a whole, we need to consider some top factors. 

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  • Teachers 

Teachers are not left out of the set of people who handle such tasks. As a teacher, you are more likely to find yourself arranging various texts to be presented to your students. Also, as a teacher, it is always your responsibility to make sure the grading, as well as the homework and exam assessment of students, are correctly done. Doing this requires a lot of work and focus as you work with the grading systems. However, with the help of AI, all of that can be simplified. 


Software that runs with AI can also be used by teachers to perform accurate grading for the works of students. Written essays can be subjected to efficient testing, which will provide precise scores which can be assessed by teachers. 


  • Admissions 

Education is regarded as one of the broadest systems of every country. When dealing with admissions, especially colleges and universities, there can be a vast number of records to keep track of. Admission is one of the many processes that involve a wide range of administrative tasks. Doing this can take a very long time and require a lot of effort. This is where AI comes in handy. 


When it comes to keeping track of the records required for the admission process of an educational institution, AI is equipped with innovative features to handle the management, storage, and essay tracking of it all. 

  1. Hyper personalization

Schools can better handle the overall process of teaching students that have different interests from different angles. This would involve the development of custom learning profiles for students as well as customized learning resources. Most times, this will have to be based on a student's learning ability, their preferences, and their experience with the concept. 

  1. Adaptive Learning 

Adaptive learning is one of the many features AI is built to have. It involves helping students learn according to the level of knowledge they have. Adaptive learning is a built-in technology of AI that provides students with a unique path that enables them to adapt to the special learning style that fits their needs as a student. Adaptive learning not only applies to education systems but also other fields including business, as it turns out to be a handy approach to efficiently carry out business training. 

With AI, schools can efficiently build students to perform better in their studies. The technology is built to adapt to the learning needs of students based on their interests as well as their learning ability. As a major part of every nation, education is set to experience a large disruption in the learning efficiency of students in the next few years. 

  1. Voice Assistants 

Voice assistants are fast becoming a major part of people's lives and come to a lot of benefits. Today, smartphones and other digital devices are being created to come with voice assistants who can seamlessly handle special digital tasks. Asides helping students access files on their devices, these digital assistants are ideal for doing quality research and obtaining concise information on various school topics and project concepts. 



According to top statistics, the AI market will grow to a $190 billion industry by 2020 The above are top upcoming trends we need to look out for in the coming years. As a student, you must be willing to optimize the use of AI technology to boost your learning experience. Teachers can help students do this without too much effort from the several available tools, software, and upgrades artificial intelligence will bring to education systems.