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Hirsh V. Singh: Rikin Mehta extremely dangerous to uninformed patriots

You know the saying about rats and sinking ships. Election

Ever since President Trump's victory, the Democrat Party has been getting increasingly desperate. And with the 2020 election coming up, they're doing everything they can to sabotage their rivals — including infiltration.

Well, we're not gonna fall for it. From the Shore News Network:

RNC Insider Candidate Profile Shows Rikin Mehta as “Hard Democrat”

1333274a-a998-40cd-85ea-536ee5f25e27 the GOP candidate profile database, the [Republican] party identifies Mehta as a “Hard Democrat”. Screenshots published to the internet this week, which were confirmed as accurate, from the GOP Data Center show Mehta’s secret file that is on record at the RNC.

From the moment Rikin Mehta entered the race, Republicans from all over New Jersey have seen this charade for what it is — a Trojan Horse to keep Cory Booker in power.

This makes Rikin Mehta extremely dangerous to uninformed patriots. They don't know that voting for Mehta means voting for Booker. That's what the Democrats will be counting on.

Well now, with this bombshell report, we have direct evidence that shows Rikin Mehta for what he is. A Big Pharma executive, a former Obama official and donor... and a Hard Democrat.

Unlike Mehta or Booker, the same report gives us one more finding: "Hirsh Singh, Mehta’s opponent in July, also has a record in the GOP database and clearly identified Singh as a 'Hard Republican'."

The coming November elections will be a battle to save New Jersey from another reign of terror, headed by Cory Booker.

It's critical that we get the word out, so voters can be informed: A vote for Mehta is a vote for Booker.

Thank you for fighting to save New Jersey.

Hirsh V. Singh
Hirsh V. Singh

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