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DOG ATTACKED BY OTHER DOGS DIES—A dog in the Riverview Heights section of Gloucester City died last month after being attacked by two other dogs. According to the police the deceased dog died from shock, due to a combination of the being bitten in the face by the attacking dog (s) and the dog's underlying medical condition. The owner of the dog who 6a00d8341bf7d953ef01a3fd2eb50e970b-320widied said his dog was a mixed German Shepherd and the attacking dogs were pit bulls that lived next to him and got into his yard.

Rumor was circulating that one of these dogs also bit a child in the neighborhood but the police said there have been no complaints filed with police about the alleged incident. 

The medical bills for the dead dog were paid by the owner of the attacking animals, according to the police. 

Gloucester City's Dog Ordinance, Chapter 43 prohibits any dog from running loose whether it is licensed or unlicensed. The ordinance calls for the city Board of Health to serve notice upon the owner of a dog who bit someone or another dog to confine the animal at their expense at the person's premises or some other place. If the animal is affected by rabies the animal must be destroyed or confined for a period of not less than six months. 

The police said the matter is still under investigation. 


FORMER CHURCH PROPERTY UP FOR AUCTION--The Brooklawn School Board has hired Wolf Commercial Real Estate to auction off the former St. Maurice Church buildings at 401 Community Road , Brooklawn NJ 08030. The sale price for the 7,013 square foot property with a former church and office building is $785,000. It is situated on 2 acres with high visibility on Route 130 • Large parking lot area • Across from Alice Costello Elementary School • Close to multiple businesses, retail and other numerous amenities • Ideal property for a daycare, private school, non-profits, professional offices or redevelopment.  Bids are due June 9 at 1PM.   Contact the Wolf Commercial Real Estate for more information. ASK FOR Phil Costa Associate 215.799.6195


Brooklawn School Property 4-Sale

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Proprietors Park photo courtesy of Rhonda Saunders


SHOULD PROPRIETORS PARK HAVE A NEW NAME?--There was a petition introduced Sunday (June 7, 2020)  following the Black Lives Matters protest held at Proprietors Park in Gloucester City to change the name of the park to Unity Park. The petition appeared on was started by Tom Fultano, of Gloucester City. However, for some reason the petition was shut down after 38 people had signed it. 

A copy of the Fultano petition is below.

This isn't the first time that someone suggested to change the park's name. 

In 1929 the park was built by Camden County and was dedicated to the six soldiers from Gloucester City that were killed in World War I. Cherry blossom trees were planted in the soldiers' memory and a small stone marker was placed on the grounds with each soldiers name.

On Memorial Day, for decades, veterans marched to the park and placed a floral float in the Delaware River in their honor.

The Park Commission deeded the ground back to the City in 1979 for $1. Because of the significance of a few men of the West Jersey Proprietors meeting under a Buttonwood tree for 299 years, City Council that year changed the name from Gloucester Park to "Proprietor's Park."  

In 2007 longtime resident John A. Berry submitted a request to the city council to change its name to Gloucester City's Veterans Park and dedicate it to all veterans from the city who died in battle or served in any of the services. It is not known what happened with that request.  (source Letters to the Editor)


View the most recent petition below. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 16.11.41



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