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Dealing With Distracted Driving In Gloucester City

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( 4, 2020)--Analysis of traffic accidents throughout New Jersey has found that distracted driving is the  most common cause of fatalities on the roads. It is more dangerous than driving under the influence, and it results in almost three times as many crashes as speeding. When drivers in Gloucester City use their mobile phones, drink coffee or adjust in car technology, their attention is taken away from the road and the safe operation of their vehicle. As a community, it is important to  remind local drivers to stay alert at all times, but fines and new legislation are also necessary to enforce this behavior.
The Consequences Of Texting Behind The Wheel
As well as reminders to drive safely, law enforcement campaigns and initiatives have been introduced to identify and change specific driving behaviors. Last year, Gloucester City Police implemented fines through the annual UDrive. UText. UPay campaign, which aims to  stop drivers from using any handheld device whilst in charge of a vehicle. Distracted driving can be caused by drinking coffee, using a navigation system or simply talking to other passengers. However, texting requires a driver’s cognitive, visual and manual attention, and has been described by the US Government as the most alarming distraction.  Negligent behavior causes accidents and injuries, and it is hoped that the payment of fines will be a preventative measure that lowers the risk of serious accidents where further compensation is necessarily pursued.
Legislation To Prevent All Forms Of Distracted Driving
Although it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Gloucester City, there are currently no laws to stop drivers from eating and drinking behind the wheel. However, New Jersey lawmakers have previously debated the possibility of prohibiting any distracting actions that could hamper the safe operation of any vehicle on the road. Now, new legislation could be used to deal more effectively with all forms of inattentive behavior. Sponsored by Senator Madden, D-Camden and Gloucester, a bill to create a  Task Force on Distracted Driving has recently passed the Senate. The task force would closely study the issue of inattentive drivers, and draw up recommendations to tackle all causes of distracted driving.
With the prevalent use of cell phones and an increasing amount of integrated technology in modern cars, distracted driving in Gloucester City is still a growing problem. Reminders to drivers to be alert at all times are more powerful when they come with consequences, and it’s hoped that further investigation into the issues of distracted driving will find ways to deal with it even more effectively. 
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