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Countries that allow online gambling but do not allow operating online casinos 

Countries that allow online gambling but do not allow operating online casinos


(June 28, 2020)--Gambling is an old phenomenon. Every country has its regulation of gambling activities and, at one time or another, established a Gambling Act. But the proliferation of the internet and mobile casino gaming has redefined gambling from how we used to know it. Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey allow online gambling in the form of sports betting and online casinos. As more states legalize online gambling, it is time to look to other countries and how they handle online casinos.  For example, casino online Australia is a favorite of many gamblers and is highly recommended. 


The legality of gambling, especially the law surrounding online gambling, is foggy at best. Other than a few exceptions, online gambling is fast becoming a societal pastime in several countries. The fact that the world has become a connected global village makes it hard for online gambling to be restricted. Some countries, though, do not embrace online gambling in its totality but are hand-tied. They are limited by the technological tools to prevent the operations of online casinos in the countries. But does that permit online casino projects to operate freely in any country? The simple answer is no.


Why the difference in gambling laws across the world

 The attitude towards the operation, the same with the requirements of online casinos is different from country to country. The rules regulating online gambling can be different depending on whether the operator is local or foreign. For instance, in Europe, countries such as Italy, France, Germany, and others have their own regulations. They include obtaining a local gaming license and paying taxes in addition to the European Union law. 


Also, it has become increasingly difficult for countries to draw a clear boundary between gaming and gambling. The distinction between the opportunity to make money while gaming and playing for other incentives have increasingly become blurry. Even Governments find it hard to differentiate between the concept loot boxes in video games and playing to make a fortune.


 Recently, loot boxes, a concept of random chances like gambling but with virtual rewards, have become a subject of regulation in several countries, especially in the UK, Asia, and Oceania. While incentivized gaming has been labeled as gambling in Japan, Australia, and other European countries like the Netherlands and Belgium, countries like Canada and New Zealand are still reviewing and yet to classify it as online gambling.


A breakdown of countries that allow online gambling but not its operators

As at last count, 28 countries do not grant licenses to locally-based online casinos but allow foreign operators to render online gambling services to its citizens freely. It is illegal to operate an online casino but completely legal to play casino games or wager on sports. Some of those countries include New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Nigeria, to mention but a few.

On the flip side, 32 countries, including online casinos in NZ, Norway, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, and so on, allow casino operators from abroad to offer gambling services to residents without restriction or licensing but do not give the same free hands or licenses to local operators. 


France, Netherlands, and other 30 countries only allow gambling services only from local online casinos that are licensed while over 90 countries do not have any restrictions for local and foreign online casinos.


What the future hold for online gambling and online casinos

It will be hard to say with all certainty the future of online casinos in each country as there may never be a common ground in terms of the legality of gambling. The law varies from country to country or region to region, as in the United States, Canada, and other countries. Based on the growth of the online gambling industry and the increased relaxation of the online gambling law by countries, the future of online casinos and the industry seems good.


It is advisable both for online casino players and operators to abide by the requirements of the law concerning online gambling in their jurisdictions. For online casinos, it adds to the credibility of their betting platforms. Although, we hope different countries update their existing Gambling Acts, which are outdated and confusing, with online gambling has given special consideration.


If online gambling is your business or pastime, it is essential that you learn and understand the law surrounding its operation in your country or state.