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Amy Kennedy: Where is Jeff Van Drew?


Brigantine, NJ — Today, Amy Kennedy, congressional candidate for New Jersey’s second district, put out the following statement in response to Congressman Jeff Van Drew’s tweet on racial equality.


Congressman Jeff Van Drew, where have you been? Communities of color are hurting, in South Jersey and across the country. For the last 10 days our community has been grieving, marching and fighting for change without you. It’s too little too late for your cavalier response, our communities deserve more. Your absence has shown us that your only concern is your political gain and your loyalty lies with a President who condones violence, racism and hatred. 


George Floyd was needlessly murdered, his six year old daughter left without a father. Breonna Taylor was needlessly murdered, she would be celebrating her 27th birthday today. These are two names in what seems like an endless list of victims of violence that shouldn’t exist. It’s time to raise your voice and do something to help people here in South Jersey who are in crisis--or step aside.