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( 29, 2020)--Schools, fitness studios, sports, and other social engagement places are indefinitely inaccessible due to the risk of contagion. Everyone is busy maintaining social distance to ensure their and their loved ones' safety. It is the need of the hour, as the Coronavirus proteins attack the healthy tissue when they come in contact with the lungs and spread quickly. Since the virus invades the respiratory system first through the nose, mouth, and lungs, it gets a passage to transmit to others when the infected people sneeze, cough, etc. For athletes, fitness freaks, and sports lovers, this situation can be particularly stressful.

They must be missing their sports and exercises that gave them a daily dose of dopamine and stress-busting opportunities. If you are one of them, it is easy to understand your condition also. However, in this unique time, you can remind yourself that having mental peace is of utmost importance. And as far as exercise routine goes, you may not do it like the earlier times; still, you can pursue it in a balanced way. No doing at all or overdoing any workout can be troublesome. That's why it is better to understand what you need to avoid and how much you can do and feel happy.

The amount of exercise right for you in this pandemic by Adam K Veron 

As hinted above, you should not build pressure on yourself, overthinking about your past activities. It is a unique scenario, and therefore, it is vital to make adjustments. Health experts say that 20 to 45 minutes of moderate exercise three days a week is enough. Your focus has to be on building strength during self-isolation. You cannot play team games as it will be risky for your health. But you can use the equipment for workouts. If your gym is open and you wish to go there, make sure you keep a distance from others so that droplets don't enter your system. Also, the gym needs to have a proper ventilation system.

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With this, you also need to pay attention to your eating and sleeping habits. It can affect your immunity.

The amount of exercise considered risky for you in this pandemic

Health and wellness enthusiasts like Adam K Veron share that you should not exhaust yourself when exercising as it can increase the chances of infection. For example, running a marathon can increase the level of risk from 2.2% to 13%. With this, you also have to be aware of additional aspects. To be precise, avoid exercising if you develop flu-like symptoms. Even if you choose to work out almost throughout a week, give yourself two days rest. Also, don't go to crowded places to exercise.

At the same time, you should stay away from drinking plenty of fluid, which you may indulge in to avoid dehydration or wash off toxins. The specialists inform that overdrinking doesn't help in removing toxic elements.

So, if you miss your good old days, don't worry. This phase shall pass soon, and everything will be back on track. Until then, keep the points mentioned earlier in mind.


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