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4 Accessories Every Millennial Needs

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( 30, 2020)--Many micro-challenges plague a millennial’s life. We want to eat better, be more productive, be more organized, have better relationships and so on. The weight of living can really get us down; however, some fantastic companies have put together interesting gadgets and gizmos to lend a helping hand and make things a little easier. Here are four of the most exciting accessories that every millennial need in their life.


Keebos Crossbody Phone Cases


Equally stylish as they are sturdy, these phone cases are ideal for the modern-day millennial. The protective case helps keep your phone secure and safe from drops, bumps and scuffs, and the customizable and personalized lanyard that can be worn around the neck or over the shoulder creates easy accessibility to your phone while adding flair to your look, and also comes with a secure pouch for your debit cards and cash. With Keebos, you can turn your phone into a fashion statement, and support the environment too, as they pledge to plant a tree for every purchase on their website.


ORBLUE Silicone Stretch Lids


These lids are a great accessory for any kitchen as they help provide an eco-friendly solution to one of the biggest first-world problems – how to keep your leftovers fresh? These ORBLUE silicone lids eliminate the need for the plastic wraps that are polluting our landfill and seas and are reusable devices that stretch over any container to allow you to store your leftover food and treats. These lids are non-toxic, BPA free and unlike most plastics, are microwave safe and heat-resistant to a remarkable 450 degrees. They’ve been confirmed to help food last longer due to how airtight they are, and yes, they are machine washable making them a handy and straightforward device that every planet-conscious millennial needs.


Tile Anything Finder


One of the most significant inconveniences in modern life is the inability to find house or car keys when in a rush. They always seem to disappear when you need them most, and despite how certain you are that you ‘put them right here’ they’re always never to be seen until you’re late for your engagement and have already decided that you’re going to stay home instead. With the Tile Anything Finder, this will never happen again. The GPS tracking device can be attached to any set of keys and can be located up to 200 feet away from your phone, with the app even providing a useful map to help pinpoint the device. Also, a simple double tap on the tracking app will turn on the ringer, allowing you to locate your lost stuff by following the sound. With this product, you won’t have to think about where you put your personal belongings ever again.


Wild Thera Headache Ease Balm


With the stress of modern living, it’s a miracle when a millennial ends the day without a pulsating headache. This headache ease balm could provide some much-needed relief, using all-natural ingredients to do it. With a heavenly blend of organic chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, and plant oils, it may relieve pain when rubbed into the temples, forehead, and base of the head every 15 minutes. There are no harsh preservatives or nasty side-effects, making this balm a risk-free option to reliving head pain and tension alongside traditional methods like paracetamol and ibuprofen.


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