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What Has Happened To Our Beloved America?

Earl Foster | Guest Columnist
(Gloucestercitynews.net)--What has happened to our beloved America? The one known "Land of the free, home of the brave" has now become "Land of the frightened, home of the easily controlled" over a virus. Couple this with the misinformation, media and political manipulation that has driven Guest_column_t715.max-2400x1350Americans into a frenzy of fear that has left them hiding in their homes afraid to go out at all, while the Government is busy releasing inmates from prison, furthering their political agendas, and helping to make Americans "Broke, Stoned, and Controlled" akin to the onset of Nazi Germany. 
The America I grew up and once knew, would NEVER have tolerated this. What our own Government is doing is Unconstitutional and goes against EVERYTHING this country has shed blood for, and stood for over many years. This virus is a bad situation made worse by a poorly equipped Government who has no clue how to handle anything of this magnitude. The main stream large media has played a complicit part as well in the fear spreading, misinformation and yellow journalism. To sit by and see "criminals" released from prisons, while citizens are arrested for doing business is beyond a repugnant disgrace. These people who have committed or endorsed or ordered these acts, are no longer fit to serve any public office in our country, or civil servant position. They are a complete disgrace to this country. 
I never realized I would see the day, when our beloved America would turn itself a country of frightened confused people with a Government who used a crisis situation to further political agendas and exert control over a once great and fearless nation of Americans.