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( 26, 2020)--The job market is difficult at the moment. Of all the times to find yourself out of work, the first half of 2020 has been particularly unkind to those seeking employment. It's a competitive world out there at the best of times, but with so many companies laying staff off or scaling back operations in recent months, more people are struggling to find paid work in Philadelphia right now than at any other point in living memory. That could be about to change, though. Whether you're looking for a new job or a career change, a chance to work for one of the world's biggest companies has just materialized. 

When it comes to social media, the biggest name in the business is Facebook. Whether you love or loathe the famous blue networking brand, it has managed to integrate itself with almost every aspect of our day to day lives. Well over a billion people worldwide have Facebook accounts. Even if you're not one of them, you're still a Facebook user if you message your friends and family using WhatsApp. You're also using a Facebook product if you like to post pictures on Instagram. Even the simple act of posting a GIF to your friends on your iPhone goes through Facebook after the company bought Giphy earlier this month. There seems to be no way to avoid using them, and so, as the old saying goes, if you can't beat them, you might as well join them. 


As the company grows in size, it needs more and more employees to fill roles in its expanded departments. In great news for Philadelphia job seekers, Facebook has just announced that Philadelphia is one of three major US cities that it's targeting to fill those positions. Initially, it will be looking for experienced engineers with extensive experience in similar positions, but as it looks to decentralize itself away from its California base, it will also look to bring in other employees with less specialized backgrounds to assist it in other areas. At the time of writing, the company has approximately 45,000 people working for it. By the time it's done with this recruitment drive, that number may have pushed up by a further ten thousand.

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There are a variety of different roles that Facebook could be looking to fill, and not all of them relate to the company's day-to-day social network operations. Within the past year or so, the Facebook High 5 Casino has been launched, which is designed to imitate the functionality of online slots websites like Rose Slots. That's an industry worth several billion dollars every year. Facebook believes that it can capture a slice of that market by allowing people to play online slots without leaving the main Facebook website, and it could be right. That means that job seekers who have experience of working in the gambling industry - and especially those who have worked on online slots - might find themselves in high demand. There's also a Facebook equivalent of Pinterest that's currently trying to attract users, and a brand new private messaging system designed for use exclusively by couples. The more new products Facebook offers, the more people it will need to facilitate those products. 

There might be an added bonus for those of you who would prefer to work from home. Recent experience has taught the company that it doesn’t need as many people to report directly into the office as it once thought it did. This isn’t just a recruitment drive - it’s a recruitment drive aimed specifically at people who are happy and able to work from their own homes. While we don't have confirmation of this yet, it might be the case that every single position that the company offers in the Philadelphia area will be offered on a 'work from home' basis. There's been no announcement yet regarding precisely how many jobs Facebook intends to create in the area, but the fact that they're planning to target not only the city but all areas within a four-hour drive of the city suggests that they're looking to cast the net far and wide. That wouldn't make sense if there were only going to be a limited number of vacancies. Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 9.17.01

Facebook's need to recruit has been partially driven by a struggle to keep hold of the staff that already works for them. Mark Zuckerberg discussed this issue candidly in a recent webinar and stressed that he believes that the long commute to and from work for some employees may have been a factor in their decision to seek alternative opportunities elsewhere. That may well be true, although it's likely that the spate of negative press that the company has suffered from within the past two years has also been a factor. Facebook is looking to rebuild its image for the 2020s, and so it's likely that those who do land jobs will be incentivized to stay with the company for the long term. Having a high staff turnover damages the public perception of the brand, and so this is a situation that Zuckerberg and his fellow executives will be looking to rectify. 

Even if you've had issues with Facebook in the past, there's no way that this move can't be seen as a positive for the Philadelphia area. It's also positive for those people lucky enough to land the new roles. Many of us would love the chance to be able to pass someone a business card showing them that we work for Facebook, and it's a 'status company' to work for. Working for a company with the global reach and power of Facebook looks great on a resume, and it might help you obtain a better position elsewhere even if your move doesn't work out. 

As the creation of these new jobs and the Philly-focused initiative has only just been announced, we don't have any information yet as to how and where hopeful candidates should apply to. The first raft of recruitment is scheduled to be completed by the start of July, though, and so information should become available in the very near future. If you're interested, check back Facebook's company website repeatedly in the days ahead to find out how you can put your name into the hat. 


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