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Video: Bellmawr Police Arrest Atilis Gym Customer


Philadelphia Inquirer Youtube video


(Gloucestercitynews.net)--BELLMAWR NJ (May 20, 2020)--Police arrested an Atilis Gym patron on Tuesday, May 19 and, charged him with violating Gov.

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Man arrested for violating stay at home order and refusing to give his name

Murphy's stay at home order and police obstruction, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.  He allegedly refused to give his name and personal information to the arresting officers. 

On Monday morning a crowd of 200 plus people rallied outside of the gym to support the owners, Ian Smith and, Frank Trumbetti. Obviously concerned about a large scale confrontation breaking out police told the crowd to have a nice day. But, later that afternoon they returned and issued both owners citations. They also said that anyone (including customers and supporters) who came back to the gym on Tuesday would face a “different reality” as they would have to enforce the order.