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Six most common cockfighting techniques in the world


( 19, 2020)--There are all sorts of games that are played worldwide. Some games are physical and field-based, some are online, some games do not pay any gift or cash, and some provide cash winnings. Different gamers play different games according to their choices and preferences. Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 12.53.49

Gambling is played by gamers who want to earn money along with the games. In gambling, people bet and earn money. It is a risky game, and you can lose money if you are a beginner with no knowledge of gambling. 

Cockfighting game:

Other than casino online games, you can witness gambling in cockfighting too. People bet huge amounts in cockfighting, so the winnings and losing prices is huge, too. There are many other parameters that a player must have to adjust, like finding an arena, purchasing the cocks, feeding the cocks, training the cocks, legal matters, and much more. In online cockfighting, you are free of all these issues and can enjoy the game fully. 

Six most common cockfighting techniques:

These are the six most common cockfighting techniques that are played worldwide:

1.       Ngunci cockfighting technique

2.       Ngalung cockfighting technique

3.       Angel cockfighting technique

4.       Control cockfighting technique

5.       Dirty cockfighting technique

6.       Shamo cockfighting technique

Ngalung technique:

This is the technique of Bangkok, which is used to restrain away from opponents and attacks. The chicken follows some tricks and positions like lifting up the neck and surround the opponent's neck to avoid the attacks. This is a defensive technique. The major issue in this is the check hurting of the chicken.

Ngunci technique:

This technique will work if the Bangkok chicken has a string neck and chest muscles. The Bangkok chicken blocks the other one, and chances of winning the cockfighting doubles. This is the most common technique that is adopted to win big cockfights.

Angel technique:

This angel technique is used in cockfighting for survival, which means it has a defensive nature. The chicken who prevents the opponent's attack like a punch is considered as the quality chicken that is good for cockfighting. In this way, the chicken gets minimal injuries and more survival rates. 

Control technique:

It is another form of defensive technique that is used in cockfighting. In this, the head movements of chickens are restricted. The chicken tries to resist as long as the game ends so that it can win the bet. 

Dirty technique:

This technique is a fighting technique that a chicken adopts for hurting the opponent's chicken. There is an issue in this technique that chicken is so energetic in the beginning and tries its best to hurt the opponent, but in the end, it becomes exhausted and vulnerable to more attacks and injuries. So this is not so much a useful technique for cockfighting. 

Shamo technique:

As the name suggests, this cockfighting technique belongs to a certain area: the Shamo chicken of japan. This technique is recreated from the push and punch techniques. The chicken waits for the right time and then attacks the opponents badly on the head and claws, which makes its brain fail. 


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