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LOS ANGELES -- In the competitive world of amateur athletics where a Division One college scholarship is the first step to stardom, The Future of D1® offers a winning game plan for navigating the often intimidating and overwhelming recruitment process.

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The nation’s preeminent online sports resource dedicated to informing and empowering amateur athletes in their quest to play Division One sports, The Future of D1 recognizes that no two pathways to a college scholarship are alike.


The Future of D1 is the brainchild of Askia Taylor, a powerhouse single mother, entrepreneur, and sole advocate for her eldest son, a devoted football player. After years of focusing energies to help make his dream a reality, she created the online destination with direct access to the tools athletes need for their journey to recognition.


“I wanted to give student-athletes the opportunity to take hold of the process and proclaim ownership of their experience in it,” says Taylor. “Anyone who competes at a high level must believe in themselves first and foremost, and have a support system to back them up.” The Future of D1 offers athletes a roadmap to scholarship recognition while encouraging parents, coaches, trainers, siblings and even fans, to be invested in their progression through sport. 


With an array of information formatted in quick reads that cut through the clutter, The Future of D1 offers up insights, connects to resources, and answers crucial questions. How does an athlete end up on the college recruiting radar? How do you standout with millions of athletes competing for placement in 128 Division One Institutions? 5 Star, 4 Star, 3 Star, what weight do “stars” carry in recruitment? What are the common mistakes to avoid?


“It’s about lifting athletes up, honoring their passion to compete at the highest level, and creating a safe space for sharing challenges and successes,” says Taylor. Driven by amateur athletes telling stories that inspire, peers and parents can connect in positive pursuit of the common goal. Taylor knows, “No one gets to the NFL alone.” Bringing the message home, collectible Future of D1 tee-shirts give athletes and their supporters the opportunity to wear the affirmation as a reminder.


Informing and inspiring amateur athletes and the people who stand with them, The Future of D1 opens the door to opportunity. There is no greater achievement in high school sports than to receive an NCAA Division One scholarship. It’s a movement #issamovement. 

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