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Pet Tip of the Week: Finding Fido

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I have addressed the steps to take if you have lost your dog. But what should a responsible person do if he or she finds a dog?

Dawn 12If the dog is friendly check to see if he has tags. There may be an address and/or phone number listed. If he is wearing a license tag, there is probably a veterinarian’s number on it. If he is wearing a rabies tag it will usually list the county from which the rabies shot was issued. You can call your county animal shelter or animal control officer (often a police officer) and read off the number. That number is attached to a database that lists the owner.

If the dog is not friendly or you cannot catch her call the police. Many times, an officer will be able to contact either the animal control officer or the owner. If the owner is not found the dog may be taken to a shelter. Please report the dog on social media and place signs around town so that her owner is aware of her circumstances! You may also take a picture of the dog and post it in local businesses. If you post about the “found” dog, please remember to remove the announcements after the dog has been returned to his owner.

You may think it’s a lot of trouble to find the dog’s owner. But if it was your dog that was lost, you’d hope a kind person would help you to find her!

If you have questions about this or any other dog-related issue please call or text 856.981.8957 or email There is never a fee for phone or email consultations.

Wado udohiyu, (thank you very much in the Cherokee language)

Dawn Watson

Owner, Brother of the Wolf, LLC

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