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Indonesians Have More Than Money on The Line When Playing Online Poker


( 19, 2020)--The popularity of situs poker online has reached every corner of the world. It is bringing new opportunism and exciting players in the world of online gaming. The boom is partly due to the lockdown imposed all over the world due to COVID-19 as people are spending more and more time on the internet.

This global pandemic has given rise to the number of people who play poker online rather than the traditional way. One of the fastest-growing markets is surprising; a country where playing poker or any gambling can lead to public flogging!

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Indonesia and Poker

As the fourth largest country, according to the population, Indonesia is predominantly a Muslim country. Poker or any game of chance is prohibited in Islam, and Indonesia takes these prohibitions very seriously. 

There are no local poker sites in Indonesia. However, people do have access to international poker sites. The government is trying to restrict access to these sites. This is where proxy comes in!

You can always use it to access the websites that your government does not want you to. Despite the risk, more and more Indonesians are visiting poker sites online. In this modern age, people have learned how to navigate the internet safely.  Currently, the government has not been strict in blocking international gambling sites. This is good news for the aspiring new poker players who aim to use their skills to win some cash. 

Still Risky

Underground internet cafés are allowing the players to access these poker sites though their servers.  This way, the player can stay safe as the government cannot track them. However, there is still a risk of cyber agencies tracing these internet cafés and shutting them down.  Nevertheless, recent trends have shown that this risk does not stop the Indonesians from using situs poker online to win big.

The reason for the increased usage of online poker by Indonesians is that international sites are not under the Indonesian government's jurisdiction. Hence, they cannot be fined or sued by the local government. These websites allow Indonesians to both play online and download the app on their PC, laptop, or mobile phone.

Still, it is advised that people take every precautionary measure possible to steer clear from the authorities. But the risk does not end here. There are a lot of fake and fraudulent websites out there. Since it’s an emerging market when it comes to using of poker sites online, players have less experience in selecting reliable sites.

The Future

The future of the online poker market looks promising as long as the government does no decide to get serious about international poker websites. Due to this trend, several local poker websites keep popping on the players' browsers to capture a customer base for themselves. However, playing poker on these platforms is riskier. However, Indonesia can become a significant market for it if the country decides to legalize poker sites online.


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