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Hirsh Singh Calls for Opening NJ and Exposes Democrat Infiltration of GOP


LINWOOD, NJ — Hundreds of people joined Republican candidate for United States Senate Hirsh Singh in chanting "Shame on Phil Murphy" at Point Pleasant in New Jersey, which was the site of the 'Freedom March of NJ' on Memorial Day. 

A number of speakers and supporters gathered at the site of the protest to demand that New Jersey be opened immediately, but the star of the show was easily Hirsh Singh, who enthused the crowd into joining him as they chanted slogans against the state's Governor. Hirsh Singh pointed out that quarantine was for the sick and not the healthy. His point that everything the media reported was about fear while America was the “land of the free” because it was the “home of the brave” struck a chord with the crowd that had assembled for the rally.

Earlier in the event, organizers took away Hirsh Singh's speaking slot and gave it to his opponent, Rikin Mehta. The move backfired on both the organizers as well as Mehta when Mehta's lackluster performance ended with him being exposed as a Democrat and member of Big Pharma.

Mehta's history includes voting for Obama, supporting Obamacare, getting a political appointment from Democrat mayors and getting on the ballot for this year's polls by using Democrat Party operators to circulate his petition. Mehta has also headed pharmaceutical behemoth Pfizer's regulatory policy, which includes selling abortion pills camouflaged as ulcer medications. This policy of Pfizer has been termed "Pills for Mail Order Abortion" by its critics and has angered pro-life conservatives.
Pro-life voters around the state have sworn to defeat Mehta and vote for Hirsh Singh. Singh has been a staunch conservative all his life and supported Donald Trump right from the start in June 2015. He is the only candidate in the U.S. Senate race who has never supported a Democrat or been a Democrat himself. Another opponent of Singh, Tricia Flanagan, donated the maximum amount of money to the Democrat Governor as well as Presidential candidate Bill Richardson.

Hirsh Singh stated during his speech that he would win the election and put an end to the career of Cory Booker.