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Gloucester City's Proposed 2020 Budget $20.5 Million; Municipal Taxes Increase $90 Annually

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ  (May 21, 2020)----Gloucester City Mayor Daniel T. Spencer, Jr. has proposed a 2020 spending plan for Gloucester City to be introduced at tonight's council meeting, May 21. The new budget will maintain all municipal services along with maintaining the current water/sewer utility rates. Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 16.49.30

Spencer released the following statement:

"Due to the COVID-19 pandemic response, the municipal employees have had to work under different conditions, but continue to exceed expectations due to the circumstances. I want to thank each and every employee of the city for a job well done because through your hard work and dedication, we have been able to maintain operations and serving the public with honor.”

"While these are uncertain times financially for local governments, the downside pressures on anticipated revenues of the municipal budget have also created a need to increase taxes for the municipal portion of taxes. While the County of Camden ultimately calculates the tax rate, based upon the information available, a home with an assessment of $100,000 will see an annual increase of $90.13 in their municipal tax portion of their tax bill. (Approximately $7.50 per month more ~Editor's note)

"The 2020 spending plan came in lower than the 2019 plan by over $990,000. 2020’s budget as introduced will total $20,567,455.78 and compared with the 2019’s final budget of $21,560,422.42.

The municipal budget continues to focus on paying our debt and pension obligations which are $1,287,600 and $1,719,054 respectfully. Due to increased solid waste fees, we have also budgeted over $116,000. We have also increased our aid to the public library by $50,000.

“While no mayor or governing body wants to ask for more taxes from the residents, we are forced to do that due to increased costs and diminished revenues.”  I have asked my administrator and the team to tighten their belts and continue to provide our residents with the top level of services they have come to expect.”

There will be a public hearing scheduled for June 18, 2020 where the public can weigh in on the spending plan.

Recently the Gloucester City Board of Education adopted a $50.3 million budget. As a result school taxes will increase $22.11 per $100.  The annual tax bill for the average assessed home of $107,700 would be an estimated $1,335. 

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