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Gloucester City PD Weekly Crime Report May 8-14


(GLOUCESTER CITY NJ)(May 15, 2020)--The Gloucester City Police released the following report on crime events in the City during the period of May 8 to May 14. Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 12.59.15

05/08 at 1453 officers responded to the Dollar Tree on S. Broadway to remove a group of juvenile males.  The manager recognized the males from a previous shoplifting and advised the group that they had to leave the store.  The juvenile males began harassing the manager and also began throwing objects at the store window.  The juveniles left the area prior to police arrival.  Two of the males have been identified by video surveillance.  Charges are pending in this matter.

05/08 at 1934 officers responded to CVS to remove a female from the store.  The female was identified as a person who had previously shoplifted and was advised she had to leave and could not return to the store.

05/09 at 0001 a female resident of Maple Terrace called to remove a male from her residence.  The female was highly intoxicated and advised officers she’s illegally renting a room to the male but now wanted him out.  The female was advised of the proper course of action and also advised she will be charged with illegal subletting.

05/09 at 0110 officers responded to the 600 block of Powell Street to remove an intoxicated male from a residence.  Officers confirmed that the male did not live there and advised him he had to leave, which he did do.

05/09 at 0121 officers responded back to the same residence on the 600 block of Powell Street for the same unwanted male on location.  The male advised officers he went back to charge his phone.  He was then taken to police headquarters so he could charge his phone and then given a ride back to his residence in Camden.

05/09 at 0134 officers responded to the 400 block of Nicholson Road for a possible burglary.  The caller, who was not on location, advised that she received an alert on her phone for movement inside of her residence.  The residence was searched and no one was found on location.  The caller did meet officers at the residence and advised them that her cameras were turned off.  She feels as though “Anthony” and “Little Bit” (not her real name) are responsible.

05/09 at 1204 officers responded to the 900 block of Powell Street for an animal complaint.  The caller advised officers she had 12 ducks “stuck” on her pool cover.  Officers reminded the caller that ducks can fly and they’ll leave when they’re ready.

05/09 at 1835 the owner of the Liquor Barn reported an unknown male stole a bottle of Jack Daniel’s approximately three hours earlier.

05/09 at 2048 a resident of Birch Ave reported an unknown vehicle blocking his driveway.  The caller was advised that he does not have a driveway and the vehicle in question was parked in front of the owner’s residence.

05/10 at 2254 a female in the area of TD Bank called police because she was high and needed help.  She advised officers she smoked marijuana earlier and didn’t know where she was.  EMS was called and transported the female to the hospital.

05/11 at 1652 officers responded to Nero’s Pub on S. Broadway for loud music.  This has been a continual problem as the owner of the establishment turns the music on at a loud level and then leaves for the day.  The owner of the business was issued a summons for violating the City’s noise ordinance.

05/11 at 1504 Royal Farms called police to remove a female from the store who was panhandling.  The 48 y/o resident of Elkton, MD was advised to leave.

05/12 at 0751 WaWa called police about the same female at their store attempting to steal sugar packets.  She was removed from that store also and banned from returning.

05/12 at 1646 officers responded to the 400 block of Middlesex Street for a group of juveniles who had entered a vacant property.  Two of the juvenile males were located a couple of blocks away and the other two have been identified by video surveillance.  Charges are pending in the matter.  The males are 14, 15, 16 and 19 years old.

05/13 at 1347 officers responded to Thompson Ave and Harley Ave for a suspicious male.  The male was jogging and skipping down the street while pulling flowers from in front of several residences.  Officers located the 31 y/o male who was under the influence of CDS.  He was transported by EMS for further treatment.

05/13 at 2325 officers responded to Burlington and Middlesex Streets for a loud explosion.  No one was located and the source of the noise was not located.

05/14 at 0208 a second explosion was reported at King and Middlesex Streets.  Several pieces of plastic were located in the vacant lot.  Officers are attempting to locate the suspect who was last seen in the alley between the 100 blocks of Mercer and Middlesex Streets.

05/14 at 0747 officers responded to Barnard Ave for a found wallet.  The owner was located a few houses away.  The victim reported his wallet was taken from his unlocked vehicle.

05/14 at 0243 a resident of Market Street called police because there was a foul odor coming from her bathroom and wanted the cops to come smell it.  They politely declined.

05/14 at 0244 officers responded to the 100 block of N. Broadway for a report of a female being held against her will.  The caller advised officers that her friend texted her that she needed help and was being held against her will by a male in an apartment.  Officers were let into the common area of the building and began banging on the apartment door.  They knocked and yelled loudly numerous times with no response.  They had to force entry into the apartment where they observed a male and female cuddling on the floor.  Everyone stated they were fine and didn’t answer the door because the world is just crazy right now.

05/14 at 0303 the same female from Market Street called because her bathroom still smelled and wanted to see if the officers changed their mind.  Again, they declined the invitation.

05/14 at 1835 officers responded to the 300 block of Ridgeway Street for a disturbance.  Officers located the victim and suspect outside of the residence.  The male suspect forced entry into the residence via the front window and wanted his wallet.  The suspect was confused and under the influence of CDS.  Shawn Dalby-Varaso (27) of Glendora was charged with Criminal Trespass and Criminal Mischief.

05/14 at 1836 a resident of the 300 block of Morris Street reported two vehicles and his shed were damaged by someone shooting a BB gun.  Officers located the 17 y/o male suspect on the 300 block of Essex Street.  The male stated he was just having target practice and missed a few times.  The BB gun was confiscated and charges are pending in the matter.

05/14 at 2135 two residents of the 800 block of Cumberland Street reported that an unknown female entered their unlocked vehicles.  Officers do have pictures of the suspect and are attempting to identify her.

CNB NOTE: Those charged are presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.