Philadelphia Bar Association Statement on the Nomination of Judge Justin Walker

Dear Member of the GCHS Alumni Community,

Help Promote Our Proud Gloucester Catholic Legacy as an Alumni Ambassador!
I hope that my note finds you and your loved ones well at this unprecedented time in our world's history.  The Gloucester Catholic spirit is burning bright, with many of our Df66dff8-3982-43a4-90bc-e49b0a6e93f2graduates serving on the front lines during this public health crisis.  I am inspired by our faculty, students and staff who have responded with great resolve and commitment since we transitioned to "distance learning".  Ours is a proud legacy, one that emphasizes academic achievement and character formation.  We want our students to aspire to lead and to serve.  
As we approach the summer season, I am calling on you, the members of our alumni community, to be a resource for Gloucester Catholic in the coming weeks.  We are still working hard to strengthen our enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year.  Our traditional methods for engaging and recruiting new students and families have been halted since March 13th.  Our greatest asset in recruiting is our current students.  With our Rambassadors unable to host prospective students as "Rams for a Day, I am reaching out to you, our alumni, our ambassadors, to help us grow and strengthen our student body.  What I am asking you to do, while simple, is especially important to our future as we focus on marketing our school to prospective new students and families.  
Our faculty, students and staff are accomplishing more than ever in the midst of this crisis.  It reaffirms what we have always known.  Gloucester Catholic is special and unique and rises above in the toughest of times.  You can see all the great happenings on our Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Channel).  You can access all of these platforms at the following link:
When and where able, you can help us as an alumni ambassador by sharing the good things you see.  In addition, if you know of families who have children considering junior high school (7th & 8th grades) and/or high school (9th grade especially), I will ask that you introduce them to the possibility of attending Gloucester Catholic.  Your involvement as an alumni ambassador will make a difference in sustaining and strengthening the Gloucester Catholic legacy of leadership and service that brings us all so much pride.
For more information on applying to and registering for the 2020-2021 school year at Gloucester Catholic, I would ask you to direct any interested family to Mr. Tom Flynn '79, Director of Admissions, at  I thank you, as always, for your support of and engagement with Gloucester Catholic.  Your advocacy now will impact our ability to sustain the excellence that is synonymous with our alma mater for many years to come, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.   
Sincerely yours,
Ed Beckett '78