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Local Police Arrest 37-Year-Old Sicklerville Man for Pointing a Loaded Handgun, Possession of CDS

CNBNews April & May Cheers and Jeers

"No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow." 


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JEER--Did you see the massive graffiti (right-hand top of photo)on the ramp on the 295 Missing Moves project in Bellmawr?  Those responsible have added to the cost of the $180 million projects since their scribble will have to be removed. A Hiss! Boo! to whoever is supposed to be keeping the vandals away from that area. No doubt the police are spending their time with the "professional" protestors at the Browning Road gym, a mile away. Here’s hoping removing the graffiti is a bigger priority than preventing it.

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CHEER--A young Gloucester City boy has been waiting for a kidney transplant for the past three years. His family announced recently that the long wait is over, and Sebastian is doing great.


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JEER--Bellmawr officials should be ashamed of themselves for all the trees that get cut down without replacing them. Trees were first cut down along Browning Road, then in the industrial park behind the recreation center to provide a solar farm for Evergreen printing. This month, hundreds of trees were cut down in the Industrial Park along Benigno Boulevard for the Missing Moves project, and a solar farm for the Post Office.  


CHEER--Atwater, California, has a population of 28,000, and the members of the city council unanimously passed a resolution “affirming the city’s commitment to fundamental constitutional rights and declaring the city of Atwater a sanctuary city for all businesses.” Mayor Paul Creighton said it was time to start listening to and serving the people who put him and the other politicians in power.  Read


JEER--There are certain politicians and members of government who have used the media to confuse the meaning of "immigrant" vs. "illegal" to promote their agenda. It is a slap in the face to ALL the immigrants who entered this country legally and are part of contributing to our society. The "illegals" are "criminals" who enter the country, stay undocumented to stay off the radar. They commit crimes at will and contribute nothing. They take our tax dollars and give nothing back in return. Boo to those Governors initiating "sanctuary states" that provide support to "illegals".


CHEER--Respiratory Therapists remain the unsung heroes in the COVID-19 battlefield in hospitals around the world. Many COVID-19 sufferers experience-reported "lung and breathing" issues. They end up needing oxygen and ventilators to assist in breathing, putting them directly in the crosshairs of a Respiratory Therapist. These selfless health care workers are right there on the front line, up close and personal. 


JEER--Those in the media who continue to spread fake news, false information, and made up inaccurate stories are doing so much harm to our society. They spread fear and confusion among the populace. Today more than ever we the public must not rely on just one news source for our information. 


CHEER--To people who hang on to their "never surrender" spirit regardless of life circumstances and situations. The people who are there, every day, without end, without giving up, and always trying their best to remain positive and move forward.  It is the "never surrender" spirit that made America great, keeps America great, and will help us all to endure together. 

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JEER--A Cape May Point business owner was shut down for trying to make a living last week. Police said they had no choice in the matter since they received a complaint from an anonymous person about the store being opened. Our political leaders have us ratting out people who are trying to make a living. No wonder there is so much hatred and indignation in the society.

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CHEER--Congratulations to all those in the Class of 2020.  Our warmest thoughts and highest hopes are with you as you celebrate your graduation. Always remember, there is no limit to what you can achieve. 


JEER--"Raspberries" to those who have taken free food and free delivery from a local business since the beginning of March while they are capable of going to the store or on food stamps or who can afford home-delivered groceries. 


CHEER--Thank you to all those helping feed seniors who are afraid to go out because of the pandemic to shop.


JEER--To those who are not following social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines.


CHEER--A round of applause to the person or persons who organized the Easter bunny ride by in Gloucester City.


JEER-There is not enough cleaning and sanitizing supplies available for purchase locally or online.


CHEER--Much appreciation to the teachers, nurses, EMT's, firefighters, police, and other essential workers who continue to go to work so others can stay at home.


JEER--Every spring and summer the same people neglect to mow their grass and fail to clean up their properties. You would think they would take some personal pride in the way their property looks. Maybe someday they will surprise us.


CHEER--Police and firefighters in many communities in South Jersey have been participating in birthday parades for kids who are shut-in because of the pandemic. Some teachers are also involved in these celebrations staying connected doing all they can to maintain a sense of purpose.


JEER-- To the many Verizon and Comcast service wires just hanging haphazardly and low all over on Market St between Broadway and King St. These companies know better than allowing them to look this way when service is provided or disconnected. Why is the city allowing them to get away with this? You don't see the wires looking like that in Collingswood or Haddonfield.


CHEER--Thanks to those responsible for putting up the beautiful hanging baskets, American Flags & Veterans banners along  Broadway in our city.  But, we wished you would have cleaned the junk out of those large urns.


CHEER--To Angelo Acevedo an essential worker with FedEx and KUDOS to Joe Brophy an essential delivery driver with United Parcel Service.  Both men can be seen throughout Gloucester City and the immediate area using proper PPE making us feel safe about our package deliveries, but also quickly placing them safely on our porch while being extremely personable with a big smile and wave. This was reassuring during these turbulent times. Job well done Angelo and Joe! Lastly let us not forget to thank the letter carriers throughout the area for their dedication and service. 


CHEER—Great to see the demolition of the PENNANT, also known as Dick Lees. It has been closed for a decade and an eyesore even longer.


CHEER-Police officers should receive a pat on the back every so often for having the patience to deal with some outlandish calls during their day. Take for example the Gloucester City police who were summoned by a woman who wanted them to smell the foul odor coming from her bathroom. Another call involves a person who asked the police to remove 12 ducks that were stuck in her pool cover.  We can't forget the lady who said she was high after smoking marijuana and needed help because she didn't know where she was. There was a report of a man skipping down Thompson Avenue who was also high on CDS pulling up flowers. The all-time favorite, a resident of Birch Ave reported an unknown vehicle blocking his driveway.  The caller was advised that he does not have a driveway and the vehicle in question was parked in front of the owner’s residence. 

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CHEER-Good for Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, the owners of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr for standing up for what they believe is a violation of our constitutional rights. Fox's News Judge Andrew Napolitano referred to New Jersey gym owners as "American heroes and national treasure” after the gym owner refused to comply with stay-at-home orders in the Garden State. Napolitano, a former New Jersey Superior Court judge, said on "Fox & Friends" that the two men were right to resist the restrictions. 


CHEER- CNBNews would like to thank Gloucester City Mayor Dan Spencer for being assessable and willing to answer any of our questions since he took the helm in January 2019. We also like to thank him for having the police provide the public with the weekly crime report. Lastly, we like to commend the mayor, and the council for cutting the 2020 municipal budget by almost a million dollars. Most residents expected the spending plan to be much higher because of the pandemic. But yet, the 2020’s budget as introduced totals $20,567,456 or approximately $990,000 lower than 2019’s final budget of $21,560,422. 


EDITOR'S NOTE: We reached out to a number of friends, family, and political figures to submit their CHEERS AND JEERS for this column. We want to thank all those who responded to our request. 

published Gloucestercitynews.net  May 22, 2020



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