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Brad Beman: How to use magnetic marketing for outgrowing your sales?


( 6, 2020)--Whether you are selling a product or a service or promoting it, magnetic marketing works without fail. The process attracts leads to your website by offering the customers a valuable asset in exchange.

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Several entrepreneurs follow this strategy to expand their target audience. For instance, an online ad can say click here to get a discount of twenty percent on your order, only for the first hundred customers. This causes a level of excitement in the people who see this ad, instantly going on the website to check out the offer. This type of strategy always works. Half of the people who go on the site to check the promotional activity end up buying something or the other. If you are an entrepreneur, make sure you offer the customer a fair deal so that the customer will close the transaction.

Brad Beman says - How to Transform Your Usual Marketing Techniques to Magnetic Campaigns?

There are several phrases that you can incorporate. It includes 'know more about..', 'now you can get (product name) at half-price by following two simple steps, 'grab this amazing deal..' into your advertisement campaigns lures the viewer to know more about your offerings. The most challenging task in such an ad campaign is to get the viewers to observe your website. If you overcome this hurdle, half of your work is over. Once the viewer is on your website, it becomes your potential customer and a lead. If you are offering a reasonable deal, the next time you flag an ad, the luring of the customers will be easier than the previous time. The customers get plugged into your autoresponder, and by sending an advertisement to them, you drive them to your site. 

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Magnetic Marketing and Its Prospect in Business

It is a myth that magnetic marketing works only for a specific type of business. This type of marketing works for all types of business categories. Be it a niche market, or an established one, magnetic marketing will provide the entrepreneur with outstanding results.

How to Go About Incorporating Magnetic Marketing in Your Business?

Your business should offer a solution to a problem. Your products are your selling point. You can create an ad that addresses the issue, and then highlight your product, which is the solution. Make sure you do not give too much information about your offering, rather keep it a bit mysterious. The customer should click the link and check out your website to obtain the essential information about your product. Applying such a strategy to your marketing campaign can increase your leads in a jiffy.

Magnetic marketing works on the principle of drawing your prospect towards your product or service offering. Every business wants a customer to search for, sought after, and chase for their products. If adequately positioned, this strategy can instantly shoot up your lead counts. The call-to-action it provides pushes the viewers to act readily. Magnetic marketing gives a defined direction to a customer to purchase your product.