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Why do you need a Gooseneck Kettle for Pour over Coffee?


( 16, 2020)--Coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the world. The beverage intake enhances your energy levels due to caffeine stimulants. And apart from the benefits, you reap from taking coffee, the brewing style and serving process matters a lot. Probably, you have noticed in some places where the preparation of pour-over coffee is done, and if you were keen enough, you would realize their special use of a kettle with a very narrow, long neck. The narrow neck is what is known as Gooseneck or a pour-over kettle. 

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Of course, many kettles in the market can be used to prepare coffee but pour-over kettles have been specifically designed to pour coffee in a systematic way that a normal kettle cannot. If coffee is your everyday beverage, gooseneck kettle is a tool you should consider in your coffee preparation, and here are the reasons below. 

Makes Coffee Tasty 

A gooseneck kettle is designed to make the pouring process of your coffee when serving easy and professional. The kettle gives you control, and the slow pouring enhances not only the preparation but the taste as well. 

The sharp pouring of water to the grounds evenly gives your coffee a different flavor. The systematic flow of water allows all the grounds to produce a balanced flavor eliminating bitterness and sourness from some grounds. 


The idea behind pour-over coffee kettle is to give you control in your preparation and serving. The kettle gives you control as you pour water through a circular motion. Its long neck design regulates the speed of the water flow, and the pouring process flows slowly with ease. On the other hand, the kettle’s handle is designed with a firm and comfortable grip to help you pour water in full control. The space between the handle and the kettle has enough distance to prevent your hands from coming into contact with the kettle body. 

Pour Time

When you use gooseneck kettle, you are able to regulate the rate of water you plan to pour and also the pour time. The slow pour allows the extension of brewing time or even shortening it. Various coffee brewing recipes can be controlled using different rates at a different brewing stage. 


Another advantage of using gooseneck kettle is the ability to pour the right quantity of water. The quantity, of course, depends on the number of grounds you have put in order to get perfect results. Also, consider the amount of cups you mostly prepare on a daily basis. Therefore, if you are making one cup go for a kettle with small capacity and vice versa. 

Right Temperatures

The reason you cannot use just any other tool to prepare to pour-over coffee is to get the right water temperatures using gooseneck kettle. The right temperature is a contributing factor for you to get the right brewing results. Today, you can get a kettle designed with a thermostat to capture the right temperatures before you pour-over. The temperature helps you to balance the flavor and effectively maximize the pour-over to the grounds.


While the cost of pour-over coffee is thought to be costly by many, it is affordable and you can get great qualities at a budget-friendly range. For instance, Hario Buono gooseneck kettle is a great choice with features that you can prepare for your dream coffee. Even if you go for an electronic kettle, with less than a hundred dollars you can get a more convenient type that you can prepare your desired coffee.

What to Look for in a Gooseneck Kettle

When looking for a gooseneck kettle, you have to be careful as nowadays there is a variety of them in the market. So, you have to measure the capacity you require to get the perfect kettle that suits your needs. Also, check how the handle is designed and whether it gives your pouring experience enough comfort without affecting the intended results. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 14.6.52Brewing Methods

You may be tempted to experiment with other coffee brewing methods such as clever dripper or French Press, but unfortunately, gooseneck kettle is designed for the pour-over method alone. No other coffee brewing methods require a pour-over except the one used by gooseneck kettle. That is why you should get a fitting kettle that you are going to be using for your pour-over all the time to satisfy your family or your customer’s needs.

Kettle Design

There are numerous gooseneck kettle designs in the market today, and the type you choose determines the end product you will have. The choice you go for whether it is electric or manual makes sure the body part and the neck are designed properly to help you handle it comfortably for better pouring purposes. 

What Gooseneck Kettle You Should Buy

Getting a gooseneck kettle should never by a hard process to make. But with the various model on the market, you should do a proper search. The main focus for you should be on how to get a kettle that gives you control over the preparation of pour-over coffee that is perfect. Below are a few gooseneck models you may consider purchasing.

Takahiro Kettle – This model from Japan comes in various sizes of 0.9Litres and 0.5 Litres. Both versions are versatile, but 0.9 type can accommodate enough water, however, the latter is easy to handle and perfect if planning to prepare one or two cups for you plus your partner. The Takahiro kettle has a great shape engineered to give your pour over a positive experience.

Hario V60 Buono Coffee Kettle – It is one of the most famous beverage kettles and apart from coffee preparation alone, you can make tea as well. The kettle is loved for its spout design that prevents you from splashing your coffee without messing your preparation. The outstanding part of V60 Buono is the ability to control the handling and pouring part. 

Bonavita Kettle – This model is one of the outstanding pour-over electronic coffee kettles, mostly for indicating temperature. If you are in a hurry and looking for a kettle to give you a quick fix, Bonavita is a model for you. It has a comfortable handle and the usage process is outstanding as well. However, the interface is a little bit clumpy when you compare to most models around.

OXO Kettle – This model is easy to set up your preferred temperature and less than two minutes you get the desired heating degrees. The neck or pouring part is incredibly designed to help you manage the amount you desire at your rate. Additionally, you can alter temperature reading from either Celsius or Fahrenheit and the preparation process is not an uphill task as you may think. 

The search for your perfect pour-over coffee kettle should never appear an uphill task. Check the reviews first or ask your friends to get the best idea before you finalize your decision making. The manual type seems to be a great deal than the electric kettle, but if you love speed and you do not have time to wait for the whole grounding process, check for the one that augurs with your needs.


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