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The Benefits of Studying Abroad

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( 24, 2020)--If you are keen to further your education but are also enthralled by the idea of taking a gap year to travel and see the world, deciding to study abroad could be a viable option to keep in mind. There are several benefits associated with studying at a university in a different country. A few of these benefits are highlighted below. 

You Can Immerse Yourself in a Different Land and Culture

This is arguably the most appealing benefit of studying overseas. Not only will you be learning new things in terms of your coursework, but you will also be enjoying the exposure to an entirely different culture and way of life — which is a learning experience all on its own. You will have the chance to interact and build connections with locals, perhaps start learning a new language, try local delicacies, and completely throw yourself into a new and exciting lifestyle. 

You Can Enjoy a Change of Scenery

If you have a feeling of claustrophobia at home and are itching to embark upon an adventure where you can have a fresh start somewhere completely different, there is no doubt that going to university abroad will sound appealing. This experience will provide you with the change of scenery that you are craving and pave the way for even more thrilling adventures in the future. 

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You Might Improve Your Career Prospects 

Most employers, both locally and abroad, will applaud you for making the decision to study somewhere far away from home. It shows courage, curiosity, and a lust for learning, all of which are outstanding characteristics to have in an employee. This means that by simply studying overseas, you can significantly boost your resume and maximize your chances of being hired shortly after completing your degree. However, simply having to travel to several different places can have a similar effect. 

Attending a World-Renowned Educational Institution 

There is indeed plenty of chance to attend a world-renowned university when you opt to study overseas. However, don’t forget that there are also countless incredible institutions right here at home! For example, you could consider attending colleges such as Harvard, UCLA, UCSD, and BU. Harvard is best known for its law degrees, UCLA for its psychology degrees, UCSD for its economics degrees, and Boston University for its business, management, and marketing degrees. 

Be sure to do lots of research into the different requirements for getting into your dream university — either at home or further afield — well ahead of time so that you have enough time to prepare. For example, most universities here in the USA will look at various aspects of your academic performance, like your GPA and SAT scores. The average Boston University GPA is 3.71, while the average GPA at UCSD is 4.08. In other words, you need to work exceptionally hard in order to boost your chances of being accepted. The hard work will undoubtedly prove to be worth it, though! 

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Deciding whether to study abroad or to do so closer to home is personal and subjective. Regardless of where you wind up, you can look forward to meaningful and adventurous experiences throughout your period as a student. 


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