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I-295 northbound /Route 42 northbound Exit 1B ramp to I-295 northbound to be closed tonight
AG Office Investigating Fatal Police Shooting in Wayne

GUEST OPINION: Murphy IS Violating the Constitution

DE SENO: Gov. Murphy’s Order For Tenants To Pay Rent With Security Deposits Is Unconstitutional –


The framers of the Constitution saw men like Governor Phil Murphy coming. They knew that once you grant government the power to do something you like, you risk the next 6a00d8341bf7d953ef0240a48894b1200c-320wiperson in office using that power to do something you don’t like. Since power can’t be policed through generations, constitutions are written to limit government power in the first place.

Currently, executive power on both the Federal and State levels is out of control and leaping toward totalitarianism. These press conferences that take up all of TV with Trump, Murphy, Cuomo and DeBlasio would surely violate the Fairness Doctrine, if it still existed. Most of their words aren’t giving us needed information, rather emotional and political rhetoric designed to win votes by virtue signaling.

The virtue signal du jour from Governor Phil Murphy (D, NJ, CBS, NBC, ABC) is an executive order that allows tenants to use their security deposit to pay their rent.  That’s illegal for him to do, thanks to an obscure 1787 law that escaped Murphy’s attention called the US Constitution...

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