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Jakob, a Gloucester City Middle School student doing his part to fight the pandemic (source


CHEERS-Jakob, a Gloucester City resident who is an 8th grader at the Gloucester City Middle School is making ear relief bands for doctors and nurses. The doctors and nurses wear masks for 12+ hours straight. Because of this, their ears get irritated and leave marks and cuts. The masks can attach to the ear relief bands and take the pressure off their ears. Jakob’s dad has a machine that can cut these out of sheets of plastic. Their goal is to make 500 bands. So far, they have made 400 and donated them to doctors and nurses from Gloucester City who will share them with their coworkers. Thank you, Jakob, for being a leader and making a difference we could not be any more proud of you! #notallheroeswearcapes #GMSLionsPride


CHEERS-The employees of the Gloucester City Public Works are doing a great job keeping the city looking nice. Thankful also for their work cleaning up the parks and playgrounds in the city. Recently the workers upgraded the Shane Chapman playground on Park Avenue with new rubber mulch.



JEERS -Some of our Washington legislators are playing partisan politics and using this crisis situation to further their own agendas and gains as Americans lay sick and dying. They are a disgrace and unfit to hold ANY public office serving the American people!  It seems as soon as they get elected they forget who they work for.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 9.20.20
image from Daltons Farms Facebook page

JEERS-The State of NJ on Sunday shut down Daltons Farm in Swedesboro for allowing people to ride through their  99-acre tulip farm and view the  252,000 tulips which are in full bloom.

The state said they were violating NJ's coronavirus rules. How can that be?

The Dalton Farm owners told the people they had to stay in their cars. There was no interaction between the guests.

Just wrong !


CHEERS—Gloucester City Mayor Dan Spencer updates about the coronavirus in our city are much appreciated. Also thankful for the updates about the virus provided by Governor Murphy.




CHEERS—Ed Anyzek' s property (above) at the intersection of Lane Avenue and Powell Street looks beautiful. For a decade or more the dilapidated property was overgrown with weeds and debris. The building itself was an eyesore.  Several other properties, like the one below on Thompson Avenue, in the Riverview Heights area, are also being improved. Besides those homes, the new owner of the Laundromat at Market Street and Lane Avenue is fixing up that empty property.




CHEERS- Doctors, nurses, health care workers, teachers, delivery truck drivers, trash men, bus drivers, police officers, firefighters, EMT's, deli store employees, food store workers, letter carriers, restaurant employees, and all other essential workers for continuing to do their jobs at a time when most of us are huddled in our homes because of the pandemic. Please excuse us if we forgot anyone.


CHEERS—NJ American Water and the American Water Charitable Foundation are together providing $65,000 in donations to COVID-19 relief funds to four organizations in New Jersey. New Jersey American Water is donating $15,000 each to Cooper Health Foundation and RWJBarnabas Health Foundation, and $10,000 to Inspira Health, to benefit each health provider’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. Additionally, the American Water Charitable Foundation is providing a $25,000 grant to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund, as part of the Foundation’s community-focused COVID-19 Response Fund.


JEERS-While our country is presently suffering from the results of COVID-19, Gloucester City is suffering from another virus being spread by uncaring, ignorant residents who have no respect for OUR community.  They litter the streets, allow their pets to crap on public sidewalks and destroy and vandalize public property.  All of us must “speak out” when you see such happenings, report them to the police, make it known to these “rude and disrespectful” people that you care about our community. 



CHEERS—Amid praise from the White House to the Governor’s Office in Trenton, a test (see video) developed at Rutgers University that can detect the presence of the virus behind COVID-19 in saliva made its public debut Wednesday in Middlesex County. The new test — far less invasive than the deep nasal or throat swab that has been the mainstay in the battle against the pandemic — is being hailed as a potential game-changer in its scalability, quicker turnaround for results, and the fact that it can be administered without close contact by a medical worker.


CHEERS-This season's GHS boys basketball team, coached by Liam James made it to the SJ Group 1 semi-finals before losing to Lindenwold. This team consisted of players with little or no experience. To accomplish what they did was just fabulous. 


JEERS -The mainstream media has politicized this crisis situation, manipulated stories and put their own spin on things creating hysteria, panic buying, and spreading fear far and wide. We all have read different scenarios being reported ON THE SAME PAGE of the same news web site at times. Because these news outlets/reporters have their own personal agenda the public only gets one side of a story. They should be ashamed of their actions and the yellow journalism they perpetuate.  


CHEERS- To the Gloucester City basketball coaches who volunteered their free time to instruct boys and girls kindergarten through Grade 8 players deserve a big round of applause. 


CHEERS-To the Gloucester City basketball travel teams (grades 3/4 boys and girls, grade 7/8 boys) for winning the Gloucester County regular-season championship. Kudos to the girls grade  5/6 who finished runner-up in West Deptford Invitational tournament.


JEERS-Some politicians, federal, state and county are using the pandemic to get their name in the news. Day in and day out we are inundated with a constant flow of stats on how many people have the CONVID-19 virus and how many have died. Enough already! You have gotten some people, especially the millennials, so scared they are afraid to leave their homes. How about cutting these reports to just once a week. It is time we all got back to living our lives and this one way that will help to accomplish that goal. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 20.10.38

JEERS-Public Service Electric and Gas is continuing to cut back many trees throughout the area that are near electric lines. They say it is being done to keep the branches from breaking during a storm and cutting off power to their customers.  However, some of these same trees that have stood for decades are now dying because of these cutbacks. Need proof, take a ride along New Broadway, Brooklawn for a first-hand look at the number of trees that have been destroyed as a result. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 20.10.22

EDITOR'S NOTE: We reached out to a number of friends, family, and political figures to submit their suggestions for this column. We want to thank all those who responded to our request. 

published April 20, 2020


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