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Do Americans Prefer Online Gaming Versus Visiting Casinos In Person?

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( 15, 2020)--More and more gamblers in the United States are now starting to prefer online casinos to the land-based casinos. According to a 2018 study by YouGov Profiles, 50% of Americans age 18 to 34 years backed the legalization of online gaming.  

The study also revealed that Americans age 35 to 49 years prefer online gaming as well. Moreover, about 50% of the U.S. adults age 18 to 34 years found casinos depressing, while older U.S. gamblers had mixed feelings about the issue. 

That said, let's explore some of the major reasons most Americans seem to prefer online gambling to visiting brick-and-mortar casinos:

No Commuting

It can be tiresome and time-consuming to drive to and from a casino whenever you want to enjoy your favorite game. Even if there’s a casino a short distance from your house, you would still need to get dressed and get out of the house. 

Besides the inconvenience of it all, you also need to consider the costs of driving there. With online casinos like Gclub, you can enjoy all your favorite games in the comfort of your home, saving a significant amount of time and money. 

A Wider Variety of Casino Games

Online casinos give you access to thousands of games, including slots games, table games, scratch cards, poker, and bingo. These casinos also have the advantage of speed. While you can play poker games and slot machines at virtually the same speed, everything online is much faster, including table games.  

It’s not a must that you play fast because playing slowly also has its benefits. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the faster your play in most casinos, the quicker the casino will be able to pay you. 

Land-based Casinos Charge Higher Bets

Brick-and-mortar casinos usually charge higher minimum bets to play. This factor is partly attributable to the fact the casinos need to make more money to cover higher operating costs.

For example, you’ll need to pay $0.50 to $3 to play slot machines. Likewise, table games have minimum bets of $10 to $25. Online slots, on the other hand, allow you to play with as little as $0.01. 

Increased Safety

Thieves know that when gamblers are leaving a casino, they’re usually carrying cash with them. Some thieves also hang around on the casino floor looking out for big money winners who’re leaving with cash. 

While many physical casinos are safe and secure, you can become a target once you step out in the streets. Conversely, when you’re playing at an online casino, it’s difficult for third parties to know that you’re playing. 

Furthermore, reputable online casinos employ encryption technology to ensure the security of your personal and financial information. 

Ability To Play on The Go

Most online casinos are available on mobile, meaning that you can access games, perform payment transactions, and take advantage of promotions whenever and wherever you want. Land-based casinos often have specific opening times, so mobile and online casinos allow you to play any game you want at any time.