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CONGRESSMAN VAN DREW: Out-of-Area Homeowners in SJ, Stay Away For Now

April  2020 
Press Release

MAYS LANDING—Congressman Van Drew offered his office’s assistance to help keep out-of-area homeowners away during the COVID-19 pandemic and the severe weather that South Jersey recently has experienced. Down the shore copy

“I am offering the assistance of my office in taking external photographs of potential property damage after today’s storms; we can help, but please stay away for now from the area,” said Congressman Van Drew. “With the hidden scourge of COVID-19 we are asking that you do not come here yet. We understand you may want to assess any potential damage, and we can help in this endeavor.”

To request a picture of the street view of your property please email a street address and proof of ownership, please include a utility or tax bill as proof.