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Camden County Reports 58 People Died From COVID-19

(Gloucester Township, NJ) –The Camden County Department of Health is announcing 86 additional confirmed cases of patients with coronavirus (COVID-19) on Friday, April 17th. This brings the aggregate number of confirmed positive cases to 1,808 in Camden County today and 58 total fatalities. Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 15.54.27

“This has been an extremely difficult week for our community, this silent, insidious virus continues to wreak havoc throughout the county,” said Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli, Jr. “New cases continue to come in, but the county has fought to make testing more accessible to residents. Testing is critical to our understanding of how to fight this virus, and thankfully, it has never been more available to our residents than it is today. If we combine this knowledge gained with our successful social distancing practices, we will break the back of this virus and save countless lives.”

The Department of Health is also announcing 86 additional positive cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) identified in Camden County. Trace investigations are being facilitated with the patients and remain ongoing.