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Blackjack Bankroll Management Strategy


( 6, 2020)--Most Blackjack players have knowledge of the basic strategy but still, somehow fail to optimize their payouts and achieve the desired results. This is because they don’t employ a sound bankroll management system, which leads to huge losses in the long run. Along with a solid knowledge of the game and a good strategy, it’s important to set clear loss limits and win goals and be able to manage your bankroll successfully. Read on to know more about bankroll management in Blackjack.


How big should your bankroll be?

The most important part of any Blackjack money management strategy is the establishment of a bankroll dedicated to a particular session or day. The size of the bankroll should depend solely on the amount you can commit to the game. Basically, you must not wager money that you can’t afford to lose.

Here is a general rule: always buy-in with at least 50 times the minimum bet. So, to play at a £5 minimum bet table, you need to buy-in with £250. You need £10 at a £500 table, and so on. This will enable you to endure the swings that inevitably come in the game of Blackjack.

How much should I bet?

The amount you should wager on a single hand of Blackjack is determined by a number of factors and is largely affected by your ability to count cards. If you’re a skilled card counter, the amount you wager on each hand becomes a relatively simple matter as you can easily increase it when the odds are in your favor, and decrease it when they’re not. The more the deck becomes favorable to you, the bigger your bet gets.

Reasons to follow money management

As mentioned earlier, having a good bankroll management strategy is really important as it allows players to limit their losses. It is extremely easy to lose track of your bankroll nowadays as online Blackjack games feature immersive graphics and mesmerizing soundtracks that keep players engaged.

And without money management, you won’t have any idea how to control your funds and will lose all of it in no matter of time. Needless to say, it’s impossible for players to be consistent winners without skills and discipline. So, this is the only way you can successfully manage your bankroll and make decisions that will improve your odds of winning.


Importance of minimum bet and maximum bet

Each Blackjack table has a minimum amount of money that players need to bet. It’s important for you to choose a table that corresponds to your bankroll as otherwise your chances of winning are significantly decreased. For instance, if have a bankroll of £200, betting on a table with a £10 minimum limit will cause you to lose all of your money.

The term maximum bet indicates the amount of money that players are allowed to wager on a single hand. In this sense, if you want to have more options at the table, you must have a decent bankroll. 


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