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Beard Straightener Basics: How to Achieve Curly Beards 

( 26,2020)--Curly beards are now the talk of town. It’s a new trend that is making serious inroads to the beard grooming industry. With curly beards, you have a chance to look stylish, elegant, and masculine. Plus, curly beards can elevate your looks—especially if you are attending a special meeting or romantic date. However, achieving curly beards isn’t a joke. It requires the right tools, tricks, tips, and dedication. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the best curly beards.

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Clean With Shampoo and Conditioner

Always start by washing your beard. This will reduce the texture of your facial hair, allowing you to make it straighter.

When cleaning your beard, avoid utilizing a normal shampoo as it might strip away the natural sebum oils which your beard desperately needs to maintain its health. The best thing to do is to use a gentle shampoo designed specifically for beard use plus a beard conditioner that keeps your beard soft as well as manageable.

Oil and Blow Dry

Once you’re done cleaning, gently dampen your beard with a towel. Then grab your beard comb and some beard oil.

Apply a small amount of beard oil and using the cold-air option, gently blow your hair from the roots going upwards. Repeat the same procedure by blowing downwards and also combing down. This will help straighten your facial hair, but you’ll obviously want to finish it off by blowing downwards.

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 9.17.51Drying your hair with extreme heat is something you should completely avoid as it might end up causing permanent damage to your beard. Plus, using too much oil will make it harder for you to straighten your hair downwards.

Straighten It

If at this point your beard is still curly, you may want to consider straightening it with The Beard Struggle Beard Comb.

Pull small sections of the hair away from the rest and put them between the straightening iron. Then gently move down the length of the hair strands with the iron. Do this for the entire face. If this feels like too much work, you may want to consider utilizing a beard heat comb. This could be faster but not as effective as using an iron straightener.

 Avoid Using Chemical Beard Relaxers

Beard relaxers and chemical beard straighteners are effective way to straighten your facial hair. But the truth is that these could end up breaking down the keratin bonds which coil up your beard naturally. In short, you’re destroying your facial hair from the inside.   So why damage your beard while there are numerous ways to straighten and curl it naturally?

The Bottom-Line

It’s time to go curly. So don’t limit curly to your hair. Your beards, too, need to be curly. Curly beards will make you look handsome and classy. However, achieving curly hair isn’t a joke. But this doesn’t have to scare you from making a move. With the above tips and tricks, you can easily create those beautiful beards you’re dying to have.