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TRENTON, N.J. (April 28, 2020)--– Assemblyman Brian Bergen said that Gov. Phil Murphy and his newly appointed commission to advise on the restart of the state’s economy should first look at the report released by the New Jersey Business and Industry Association Tuesday.

“The debate will only intensify over the next couple of weeks unless we figure out how to help businesses survive and keep jobs for people,” said Bergen. “The biggest problem with the state’s approach is that we aren’t listening to businesses right now.”

Seventy percent of business owners say they are able to operate safely under social distancing guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control, according to an NJBIA survey.

“People are personally responsible because self-preservation is the most basic human instinct,” continued Bergen. “We can reopen the economy and direct businesses to adhere to strict guidelines. The proof is right in front of us with what current businesses are doing.”

Bergen has been trying to work with the Murphy administration to improve relief for businesses, employees, homeowners and renters since the pandemic began.

“It would not be out of line to close a business for violating safety guidelines, but it is out of line to depress our economy and our constituents,” concluded Bergen. “Personal health before economic health ignores that economic health affects personal health. The long-term problems are bound to be greater than our short-term problems.”