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Gloucester Township PD GOING AFTER Off-Road Vehicle Violators

GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, NJ--As the weather continues to get nicer the Gloucester Township Police Department will be continuing to crack down on the use of off road vehicles in the Township. User43018-1587838239-media1_ffffff_240_240_PrsMe_

With the number of complaints by community members, #GTPD has bolstered our enforcement efforts to deter illegal ATV and dirt bike riding throughout the Township. Most wooded areas in Gloucester Township are PRIVATE PROPERTY and illegal to ride off road vehicles. It can be very costly to illegally ride your off road vehicle. This is your warning so if you are caught you will be ticketed, and your vehicle can be towed and impounded.

If you are caught riding an off road vehicle illegally, please stop for the officers. It can lead to a dangerous situation for you and the officer. If you do not stop for an officer, it is a crime of eluding which can be a crime in which you can go to jail for.

Please advise your friends and family of the below restrictions. Thank you.

The operation of off road vehicles is prohibited in all public areas within Gloucester Township, New Jersey:

The operation of motorized scooters, mini-bikes, trail-bikes, go-peds, dirt bikes, quads, and other similar motorized recreational devices, electric or gas powered, are prohibited by Gloucester Township Ordinance 82-1 from being operated:

-On private property of another without the prior express written permission of the owner and occupant of said property. Where such prior express written permission has been obtained, the operator shall keep the same on his person, available for immediate display during the period of such operation.

- On any public, municipal or Board of Education grounds or property, including public parks, recreational areas, ball fields, tot lots and school grounds.

-On any public sidewalks or public streets or areas dedicated or commonly used for pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

- On any common areas, parking areas or open space areas of any apartment, multi-family, residential, commercial or industrial site, complex or development.

- In a careless, reckless or negligent manner so as to endanger or be likely to endanger the safety or property of any person or persons.

- In such a manner as to create loud, unnecessary or unusual noise so as to disturb or interfere with the peace and quiet of other persons and no person shall operate such unlicensed motor-driven or motorized vehicle as defined herein before the hour of 9:00 o'clock A.M., prevailing time or after sunset or at any time within 500 feet of the property line of any property zoned “Residential” or used for residential purposes and not owned by the operator. [Amended on 09-26-05 by Ord. O-05-32]

- Each unlicensed motor-driven or motorized vehicle shall at all time be equipped with a muffler in good working order and no person shall use a muffler cut-out, by-pass or similar device on said vehicle.

Violators may be charged in violation of Local Ordinance 82-1 and New Jersey State Traffic Laws, which also prohibit operation of these recreational vehicles.

Gloucester Township Police Department
1261 Chews Landing Rd
Gloucester Township, NJ 08021

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergencies: 856-228-4500