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The Future of Gambling Sponsorship in Sport


(Gloucestercitynews.net)(March 3, 2020)--It goes without saying that bookmakers are inextricably linked with various sports events. Moreover, betting companies have significantly influenced the popularity of some sports. The profitability of some sporting events sometimes reaches several billion dollars. Thanks to this, many companies and clubs can earn significant financial support from sports advertising, ticket sales, gadgets, and so on. Bookmakers strive to promote their brands and ensure a stable income so they sign partnership contracts with many sports clubs. One can frequently see the logos of gambling companies on the T-shirts of the most popular football players, on banners at stadiums, and in other places. However, it would be wrong to deny the fact that gambling in sports really supports athletic events by investing money in world contests. Indeed, it actually helps to promote an active lifestyle among the population even though betting businesses gain profits.

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Vulkan Vegas, bet365, and other betting companies as sponsors of Premier League teams

In the UK, bookmakers have long gone beyond the narrow framework of providing their services in their hometowns. Large British betting companies are not just entering the national arena, they are also challenging European leadership. Companies such as Vulkan Vegas, bet365, and many others already support a large variety of football clubs in England and Europe as a whole. However, the gambling business cannot yet compete with the world's richest titans. For example, Manchester United is sponsored by General Motors, which bought the right to place the name of its Chevrolet car brand on the club’s shirts. Their neighbors, Manchester City, also have a rich supporter - the airline from the Emirates, Etihad Airways, which had enough money to buy the name of the stadium.

Sponsorship of mid-range teams

Gambling companies do not yet have such budgets to approach the richest clubs in the league. However, with the mid-range teams, they are already able to reach agreements. At a time when Tottenham Hotspur had not yet shown the high results it has in recent years, its partner was Mansion.com and this logo appeared on the team’s shirts from 2006 to 2010. This gambling operator, registered in Gibraltar, began its activities with online casinos and poker but has recently become interested in bookmaking.

The most successful sports and gambling collaboration in England is an agreement between bet365 and Stoke City. Gambling company has managed to not only become the official sponsor of Stoke City in 2012 but also to redeem the right for the club’s stadium to be named after this bookmaker in 2016. 

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Second division clubs

Championship clubs frequently work with bookmakers. Most of them have sponsorship contracts or partnerships with betting companies. Nottingham Forest has partnered with the 888sport online bookmaker. Starting from the 2017/18 season, Bolton has been placing the logo of the British betting company Betfred on its shirts. This bookmaker also collaborated from 2006 to 2013 with Manchester United as the club's betting partner. It seems that it will not be long before every football club in Britain has a sponsor or partner from the world of betting. Moreover, it is likely that the last strongholds of the Premier League will soon fall - the richest clubs in England that will not resist the temptations of the contracts offered by local gambling representatives.

The future of gambling sponsorship in sport

Gambling companies will, for sure, strive to become more deeply immersed in world sport in the next years. They invest a lot of money into sponsorship and gain even bigger profits from it. Despite the fact that not every football club is loyal to betting businesses, it is a good opportunity for weaker teams to secure financial stability and use it for improving youth academies, infrastructure, management, etc. That is why the upcoming years will definitely be the years of gambling companies sponsoring local and national teams.



It is impressive how gambling has incorporated itself in sport sponsorship at the world’s largest event. Currently, almost every football, basketball, or hockey club has a sponsor connected to betting. For sure, such a tendency has some negative features, since bookmakers might be able to insider sports betting, but the fact that gambling companies invest in sport, making it thrive definitely covers the drawbacks of betting sponsorship in sports.