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Smart Gadgets for Home That Make Our Lives Easier

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( 29, 2020)--Technology plays a significant role in our everyday life. We see electronic devices more than just a whim. Smart automation a necessity that makes people’s life easier. There was a time when technological progress gave us the ability to switch the TV channels with a controller. Now smart home gadgets go way beyond that. For instance, there are wearable devices like sports watches. They track your heart rhythm and notify you if something is off with it and even address a potential heart attack. Another example is a smart home security system. With it, there is no need for a third party to watch your house. The security system alerts you if the nest cameras detect anyone trying to break into your house when you are inside or away from home. 

Many online stores like 4Prototypes introduce a lot of gadgets that you might find useful at home. Yet, you will probably want to know what features make a device the best option for you. We happen to have a starter kit list that we will gladly share with you. 

The Most Valuable Features of Smart Home Gadgets

  • Bluetooth and/or wifi connection. It’s probably the most basic one out of all possible services of smart home accessories. Such wireless technologies as wifi and Bluetooth help one smart device communicate with another one. For instance, you can connect your headphones to your phone via Bluetooth, and your smart thermostat to your phone via wifi. Yet, this feature doesn’t need to be described thoroughly as Bluetooth and wifi have been a part of our lives for years. One thing should be mentioned though. Having many smart home devices running might lead to wifi connection issues. The good news is that this problem can be fixed by setting up a Nest wifi router. It is a system that makes sure that the wifi signal is strong and going and provides coverage in any part of the house. You can find more Nest products of any type on

  • Centralized control. Controlling multiple smart devices manually might be pretty challenging. Moreover, at this stage of tech evolution, it’s even unnecessary. You can get all your smart devices connected by using a smart home hub. Simply speaking, a hub is a so-called brain of your smart home that controls and manages all the connections among your devices. It is a hardware device that you access through the app. You can schedule a specific time when you want your device to turn on or off using your smartphone. For instance, you can start your smart washing machine and do the laundry while being on the way home or at work or a party.

  • Amazon Alexa compatibility. Alexa is an artificial intelligence system that recognizes voices and interprets them into a specific action. You can ask Alexa to play some music, set an alarm for tomorrow morning, dial someone, switch on or off smart lighting or control your thermostat. In other words, Alexa can be the quick voice assistant that performs routine actions for you. As smart home devices evolve, Alexa gets new features and cool skills. It’s crucial so you can use your gadgets in the most effective way. There is a very long list of smart devices that work with Alexa. offers a wide range of those. Just to name a few, there are smart speakers, light bulbs, kettles, door locks, security systems, plugs, etc. Such broad compatibility is what makes Alexa so important to consider when setting up your smart home.